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Faamuamua Daisy Tauaanae

Instead of pretending

Be straight-up!

Because you are putting their hopes up for nothing!

Instead of lying

Be honest!

Because you will be known as a liar for the rest of your days.

Instead of cheating

Be loyal!

Because second chances don’t come very often!

Instead of complaining

Be Thankful!

Because some lives are triple times worse or more than yours!

Instead of having a juvenile behavior

Be a GentleMan!

Because how you treat others will come back to you eventually!

Instead of hating one another

Be forgiving

Because one day, your enemy will be the one backing you up!

Instead of putting your self-esteem down

Be positive!

Because you have to survive through the storm to endure success.

Instead of being someone else

Be Yourself!

Because the original is always better than the counterfeit ones!

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