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E.P.C. on tariffs, dividends, loans

The Electric Power Corporation (E.P.C) has projected a drop in electricity prices within the next few ...

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Woman speaks out about trend

Small local businesses are dying a slow death. And one businesswoman, Moe Lei Sam, cannot stay silent about it any ...

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Govt. on to fraud, corruption cases

A breakthrough agreement between the Office of the Attorney General and the Audit Office is part of the government’s efforts ...

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Parliament told about losses, abuse of property

A government body that has been dissolved due to losses that accumulated over the years had a notorious reputation for ...

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Three cops in Court

Three police officers appeared in the District Court before Judge Mata Tuatagaloa ...

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Driver gets suspended sentence

A 28 year old man charged with negligent driving causing injury, was handed a suspended sentence in the District Court for the ...

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Possible charge for upside down flag

Disrespect for our national flag can result in charges being brought under a special ...

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China-Samoa flights still being discussed

Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi has confirmed that plans for direct flights to and from China, are still in the ...

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Between the Lines

Watch your left hand movements

Watch your left hand movements Ticketing motorists about a traffic law violation is one thing but d...

Think a Minute!

Play your part

Think a minute… A famous painting shows a king making a chain from his crown, and a slave making a ...

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Street Talk

Top cop swings into action

Police Commissioner Egon Keil has suspended four offi cers for allegedly being involved in criminal activities and breaching their duties. It is one of his fi rst big decision in his new role. What do you think? Pai Mulitalo ‘Ale asked people in today’s Street Talk and this is what ...

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Govt. cuts spending, P.M. calls for caution

The Minister of Finance, Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi, has revealed a grand plan to cut back on government spending.

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Rugby Maestro urges children to eat healthy

Rugby Maestro, Waisale Serevi, urged children of Samoa Primary School at Vailele to live a healthy life.

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All renewable energy by 2017?

Samoa’s electricity is planned to operate on 100 percent renewable energy by the year 2017.

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Accused escape prison for marijuana

Two male accused Jerry Uelese 30 years of age and Silipa Mataio 22 years were lucky to receive a non custodial penalty yesterday on one count of possession of narcotics.

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Keils continue a proud legacy

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The new H.J.Keil Mini Mart at Malifa will open its doors to the public tomorrow. It follows a special service to bless the complex held during the weekend.

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M.P. and matai at loggerheads

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Opposing views as to where electoral boundaries should be drawn are at the heart of a dispute between a sitting M.P. at Faleata West and two matai from the same constituency.

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Government explains electricity tariff plan

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A drop in the tariffs by the Electric Power Corporation (E.P.C.) over the next three years is to be decided by the Office of the Regulator (O.O.T.R) next month.

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Young doctor makes family proud

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There is no feeling more rewarding than being presented with your qualification after years of studying and countless long nights to make sure the assignments are completed.

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Election advice from the Prime Minister

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Spoon feeding voters by taking them to and from the Electoral Office and then to the voting booths is shameful, says the Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi.

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Victory for St Joseph’s rugby team

The rugby players in St Joseph’s College under 15 team couldn’t contain their excitement when they achieved a victory over Samoa College in a school tournament held at Leifi’ifi College grounds on Thursday.

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Star excited to be back

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It’s been nineteen years since Sevens rugby legend, Waisale Tikoisolomoni Serevi, was last in Samoa.

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Dodson wins for Samoa but Fiji threatens appeal

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Jeremy Dodson has won his first race for Samoa defeating Banuve Tabakaucoro of Fiji in the Oceania Athletics Championship in Cairns, Australia.

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O loo manatua e Su’a Frieda Paul

O le po o le Aso Faraile ina ua faaali le Return to Paradise i Lefaga na toe manatua ai e Su’a Frieda Paul mea uma.

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A sensitive matter must be handled with care

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The need to sit down, think and talk about immigration and the impact it is having on this country can no longer be ignored.

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‘I remember my Mother’

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Mother’s Day Remarks at Lepea Catholic Parish, 10 May 2015

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Take the long walk, and let the rain fall

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The green grass it knows the meaning of rain. Rain is the breath of God in her lungs, and it ra...

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Letters to Editor

Watch what you say

Dear Editor, Thank you Keni Ramese for your words of wisdom on Sunday (editorial Respect is earned, not given). I thought it was a really nice way to convey how all Samoans felt about the comments from Fiji’s Prime ...


Respect for the R.S.A

Dear Editor, Your coverage of the ANZAC was quite educational.


Whose debt are we paying?

Dear Editor, I thought my eyes had deceived me when I was flipping through your Sunday edition after a nice big toanai with the ...