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Police investigate death of man found on the beac

The Police have launched an investigation into the...

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Pink to support cancer awareness

Last Friday, the Samoa Cancer Society held its a...

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New Pacific lawyers to embrace human rights for d

“My goal was to complete my studies and support ...

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Father, Police failed boy

Ombudsman, Maiava Iulai Toma, has blamed both th...

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Times of refreshing upon us

PR – Feeling a bit burnt out spiritually? Perh...

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Samoans Abroad

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Collins likely to get 'Honourable' titl

NZ Herald - New Zealand Prime Minister...

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Galuvao apologises to family of girl, a

“The pain, grief and loss of your belo...

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Think a Minute!

Live and learn

Think a minute… A little boy said: “I’ve learned that if I’m in trouble at school, I’m going to be ...

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Cop car in intersection smash

VAITELE COLLISSION: A police vehicle with the plate number POL53 is being towed away after it crashed into a taxi at Vaitele yesterday. The crash at the Tava and Aoa Street intersection happened just after 3p.m. Four Police officers were in the vehicle when the crash happened.

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Education C.E.O responds

The Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture (M.E.S.C), Matafeo Falana’ipupu Aiafi, is adamant that his comments about teachers from Samoa, who have left to teach in American Samoa, have been taken out of context.

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Fiancé tells of heartache, foul play not ruled out

A 23-year-old girl burnt to death inside a home at Nu’u on Sunday morning was scheduled to get married in December.

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Passing of legendary Aussie felt in Samoa

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Australians – including many of them in Samoa – are mourning the death of former Prime Minister, Edward Gough Whitlam.

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Teen off to U.S. to start new life

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A 16-year-old girl, whose dream of a normal life was shattered at 13 after her stepfather sexually assaulted her, has been given a second chance to live life.

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Samoa offers clues to early Earth

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Samoan volcanoes have yielded evidence of the planet’s early formation still trapped inside the Earth.

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First steps in relationship between Shenzhen, Apia

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Late last year, Prime Minster Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi visited Shenzhen, a coastal city in southern China north of Hong Kong home to 15 million people.

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Vision emerges of nightclub brawl that led to Tautau Moga’s arrest

Nine News - CCTV vision of the Brisbane nightclub brawl that reportedly led to Samoan rugby league star Tautau Moga being arrested has emerged.

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Toa Samoa stars questioned over fight at Hot Gossip club

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The Courier Mail - The Toa Samoa has been rocked by an unwelcomed distraction ahead of their Four Nations tournament this weekend.

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... because the I.R.B. changed the eligibility rule after applications for six players to play for Samoa had been submitted, he said.

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Toa Samoa’s McGuire has revealed he is playing blind in his left eye

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“I’m disappointed to miss the Australian team but there’s no ill-feeling, I’m looking forward to testing myself against them for Samoa,”

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Yearning for greener pastures

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Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. That’s one of life’s golden rules we should all try and live by.

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Chikungunya, ebola and the fear factor

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Where do we start? With so much disease and war going on in our world today, it can be very easy t...

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Fifth place finish for NZ 7’s

The fifth place finish gives New Zealand 13 points to start the IRB Sevens World Series season.

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Use a suggestion box next time

Dear Editor, Re: Boss defends bizarre antic Have you ever heard of a “Suggestion Box”? Have a suggestion box so employees can write their suggestions and ideas and drop them in the box.


Looking for my relatives in Samoa

Dear Editor, Bula Vinaka. I am from Fiji from the isle of Matuku Lau Group & from the village of Yaroi.


Think before you speak!

Dear Editor, I would like to lodge a complaint about the disrespectful remarks by the C.E.O of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture aired on TV via Tala Fou News dated 16th October 2014; about the Samoan teachers recruited by American Samoa.


More to the case than meets the eye

Dear Editor, After reading the Ombudsman report, there seems to be more to the case of the father locked up for a driving offence than meets the eye.


Act barbaric, uncivilised

Dear Editor, I agree with Vesp Lore comments, “practice of banishment should be banned”, in addition it is also barbaric and uncivilized.