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Wear orange, say no to violence against women

Report launched on arms, security and gender

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Baby boy dumped down drain to be named by his moth

The Samoan mother accused of dumping her baby bo...

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Family fight lands brothers in Court

Two brothers appeared in the Supreme Court yesterd...

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Woman charged after baby dumped in drain

A 30-year-old Samoan woman accused of attempted mu...

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New Zealand monitors Apia Park

“We’re flying blind at the moment in terms of ev...

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Samoans Abroad

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‘It’s the ones you don’t see ... and I

The crazy thing about the fight, which...

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Local tourism operators in Australia

PR - Riverside Samoa was one of the el...

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Think a Minute!

Bouncing back

Think a minute… Early in life I learned that I do not always get what I want. It is a fact of life ...

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Competition with a difference

Digicel has joined forces with UN Women to launch an innovative Facebook competition to kick off the “16 days of activism, 16 ways to help end violence against women and girls” from the 25th November to the 10th December next month.

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Industry leader laments failure

The Managing Director of a leading fish exporting company in Samoa has lamented what he describes as the failure of the Western Central Pacific Fisheries Commission to protect the Pacific’s most valuable natural resource.

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Wind advisory for all Samoa

“Our caution to members of the public is to be vigilant and observe the weather. We are in the tropical cyclone season and this all part and parcel of it”

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Murder charge prejudice – lawyer tells Court

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A murder charge against an elderly mother over an alleged offense that happened 42 years ago is prejudice to a fair trial of the defendant.

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Land fight heads to Supreme Court

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The long-standing land claim involving approximately 200 acres of prime land in and on the outskirts of the Apia Township is heading to the Supreme Court.

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Faleata reveals plans for 50th

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Faleata College is turning 50-years-old next Tuesday.

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Sexual diseases alarming, testing encouraged

“A lot of people want to get tested but they are afraid because we have a very strong culture. If you know that your sexual life is very active and you have a couple of sexual partners, then they should come in and get treated”

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Meehan sceptical of Tua fight

Auckland (Stuff) November 23, 2014  - Heavyweight boxer Kali Meehan sees "no glory" in fighting David Tua after ending the career of another Kiwi contemporary, Shane Cameron, on Saturday night.

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Tim Nanai-Williams to play for Samoa

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"The Chiefs were the first ones I went to and asked for their support. It helps that I had Tom Coventry [Samoan assistant coach] there, but I'm just grateful the Chiefs have jumped on board and supported me as a player. If It wasn't for them I couldn't do this and there aren't many teams around the world who would do this, so I'm just thankful they are allowing me to follow my dreams"

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David Tua planning return to boxing

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"To be honest, no. What ever will be will be. It's about looking forward and seeing what the possibilities are. Either way there would be good interest there. It will be interesting to see how it pans out. I'm definitely out of shape but I know it's not a factor. I've done it many times before. Nobody wants to comeback and lose”

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England players show solidarity with Samoa

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The Samoan players wore blue wristbands during the game as a protest against how rugby is run in Samoa

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China wins, America makes great speech but India’s popularity grows

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Small in size as individuals but strategically one powerful group. That perhaps is the best way to describe the position Pacific Forum countries are in.

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Delicate political game for Samoans

The ugly spat between Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi, also the Chairman of the countr...

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Sixteen days of activism against Gender V

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It’s that time of the year again when we get the opportunity to focus on the violence in our socie...

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State of our economy

Dear Editor, I just wanted to raise a few points about the current state of the economy.


Political correctness gone mad

Dear Editor, Now that a commissioned officer has been demoted over the “locking” up of a 3- year-old with his father, the question which vexes is, are the authorities subliminally institutionalising sub-standards into public service and encouraging law-breaking?


Fa’ataua le Ola responds

Dear Editor, I am writing on behalf of Faataua Le Ola (FLO) / Samoa Lifeline, a nongovernmental organization which deals specifically with the issue of suicide (awareness and prevention), in response to articles recently published in your newspaper, alluding to FLO’s role in the recent increase in completed and attempted suicide cases in Samoa.


Teenage pregnancy — A social challenge

Dear Editor, I salute Principals of Colleges (Avele College, Samoa College and Robert Louis Stevenson) that have been visited by QBL TV One 30 Minutes Program last Sunday for their constructive response to questions raised by Afamasaga Pili Toleafoa regarding the high rise of pregnant teens in schools. The Principals’ response reflects that they are all on the same track of accepting pregnant teens in school. Their only concern lies in the health conditions which allow a pregnant girl to leave the school until birth. Perhaps, the decision to continue studies should rest upon the parents and the ...


Manu should boycott

Dear Editor, I say go for the boycott, Manu boys! Everything this guy Tuilaepa does here at home, he signs for it because he runs the place like his own little joint.