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P.M. rejects report

“The Betting (Totalisator) Agency Board must make it a priority to establish a law that will incorporate both the Gaming 1978 and the Totalisator Agency Board Act 1990.  

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Healthier, wiser P.M. turns 69

“These are very ugly years if you reach them, these are very ugly numbers, 6 and 9” – P.M. Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi

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P.M. issues statement on Police Commission

The Office of the Press Secretariat yesterday issued a statement from the Prime Minister about the Commission of Inquiry’s report into Tafaigata Prison. It is published here in verbatim:

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Police tackle Samoa’s dog woes

The Police are working towards “effective” dog control in the lead up to the Small Island Developing States (S.I.D.S) meeting in September.

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Youth sentence halved after father’s plea

A last minute plea by the father of a young man convicted of theft saw his sentence of two and a half years halved.

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Samoa Observer Frontpage
Samoa Observer Frontpage on Newseum

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St. Mary’s Science Fair finale

Three year eight students of St Mary’s Primary School won their Science Fair competition in the overall rankings.

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Court finds Cabinet Ministers guilty

District Court Judge, His Honour Vaepule Vaemoa Vaai, yesterday found two senior Cabinet Ministers guilty of charges brought against them by the Police.

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Government spends $23.9 million on policy advice and support

Government is spending more than $16.9 million tala this year on “policy advice” for ministers’ offices. A further $7 million is being spent on “Ministerial Support.”

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Rest in peace, Savae Petana!

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The life of the President of Football Federation Samoa (F.F.S), Savae Togia Toetu Fa’afetai Petana, was celebrated yesterday.

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Company helps Faleata College

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Teachers at Faleata College were trained by Samoa Stationery and Books (S.S.A.B) on how to use computers effectively last week.

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Church and customs can stop solutions to violence

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“It’s hard for them because people respect the church so much and they are not willing to come out and talk about their issues, because they say it’s shameful and they feel guilty and all sorts of things are attached to it.”

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Awareness is the key to reduce domestic violence

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Outgoing British High Commissioner, Victoria Treadell, says that an attitude change at societal level is needed to reduce domestic violence in Samoa.

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Improving reading skills

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An expert from New Zealand has been brought in to share ways of boosting reading among young readers.

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Latest Sports

Manusina to open Women’s World Cup

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Manusina will play England to open the Women’s World Cup while defending champions New Zealand face minnows Kazakhstan when the tournament kicks off in Paris on Friday August 1.

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Kiwi Samoa lines up against Oceania giants

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At the other end of the spectrum are Kiwi FC who were victors at last year’s preliminary competition, and will become the fi rst Samoan club to compete at this level since 2001.

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Manu Samoa lock signs with London Irish

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London Irish have added to their secondrow resources with the signing of Samoan lock Dan Leo ahead of next season.

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Manu to play Tonga at Apia Park 7 June

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The International Rugby Board has announced the match schedule for the IRB Pacific Nations Cup 2014.

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China Donates ....

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China donates new Toyota truck

The Immigration Department, under the Ministry of the Prime Minister, has a brand new double cab Toyota Hilux, thanks to China.

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A timely decision

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The idea that the Police are working towards controlling the number of stray dogs in this country in the build up to the United Nations Small Island Developing States (S.I.D.S) meeting in September is fantastic.

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Latest Cartoon
Latest Cartoon

Another financial scandal

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Banks caught in the London Interbank Offered Rate (L.I.B.O.R) scandal in 2010-12 are involved again in another scandal.

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Censorship: Curtailing freedom of speech

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“Yes, the voice of freedom is a sweet one. To be able to speak freely without persecution must be the greatest gift of democracy”

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Online Classifieds

Prank or be pranked!

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Happy April Fools day! Well, happy late April Fools day. A day for out going pranksters and for anyone who has a sense of humor.  

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Procrastination: Don’t let it control or stop you

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The past week I had the opportunity to take a practice test for an upcoming ACT that my school had provided for me. I was thrilled that I would be able to take the test without my parents having to arrange and pay for it, my school was already taking care of that!

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Frustrated by delayed response from the Court

Dear Editor, Our family has had three matters in a row that had been brought to the attention of the President of the Land and Titles Court with an urgent request for appropriate action and decision.


Cyclones will wipe out ‘new’ beach

Dear Editor, Upon reading the article in the Samoa Observer and observing the earthworks on Beach Rd; I can only say - unbelievable, incredible and, yes, stupid.


Player selection and the S.R.U Chairman

Dear Editor, Somehow, I believe that the Chairman of the S.R.U has got the right heart in running the Union. However, he is involved in too many organizations to concentrate on one thing.


Use your common sense

Dear Editor, I read your story about the Ambulance crash. People should be educated about clearing the road or pulling over on the side when the Ambulance approaches or gets closer.


Well said, now lets put it to action

Dear Editor, Re: Amendment to stop voter gifts Well said. I hope it will stop before the next election. The M.P. should assist his/her constituents and the district through infrastructures and other assistance if needed through proper processes.



Le Uaina Beach Resort