Catch me

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Jadyn Ualesi

I walk, I don’t run

because if I do run then

I will run out of breath and 

won’t compete in the marathon. 

I talk, not silence

because if I’m silence then

I am holding every angry I have

against you and sadness in my heart.


I love, not play around

because if I am a player of love

I won’t be able to be a cool mom

in the future to my own mini-me.

I am strong, not a failure

Even if I’m a failure I can still

pick myself up and start again

from the beginning and focus.


I am a writer, not a singer

not because I don’t have a

nice voice but because you don’t 

have anything nicer to say about me.

I have family, not friends

because friends come and go

but family will always be

there by your side no matter what.


But I’m hard to reach and

hard to smile when I’m mad at you. 

Catch me if you can because

that’s what you told your friends, right? 

That I’m fat and a lazy girl

but would you get mad if someone

tell your kids the same thing,

that when they cry, what would you do?


I don’t mind your negativity words

because I’m independence enough

to take you down myself. 

I don’t mind you back-stabbing me

because I’m sure that you 

were born to only do that forever.

if you can’t catch me, what’s the

point of spoiling me to others then?

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