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Re: Should Seiuli back Super rugby team?

Nope...He’s strictly NFL and NCAA. 

And looking at the anti-Americanism that is spreading throughout the world recently, I’d say that he’d be more prone to be defensive about compromising American sporting culture with Commonwealth of Nations Rugby and Rugby League.

In the end politics in sport dictate the sports we play. Which explains why Gridiron Queensland in which I am currently involved in is not particularly well funded and sported by anyone except by the players themselves. There is plenty of detractors from Rugby and Rugby League supporters here in Queensland.

So, in saying that, The Rock will not support Rugby as I know from this very important fact...ITS HIS AMERICAN CULTURE he wished to preserve from all potential enemies...this includes enemies of American sporting culture, and I suppose this might very well include the Commonwealth of Nations.

As a Samoan, I’d be more concerned about where you should consider important for your nation if it is Rugby then concentrate on your national sport and don’t rely too much on foreign investment particularly from the USA. 

If anything The Rock ought to concentrate on funding the American Samoan American Football survivability. 

They are heavily underfunded and under resourced. Rugby is the last thing on The Rocks mind


Timoteo Tufuga 

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