Piula College walks the talk

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Food, clothes and monetary donation from Piula Theological College to SVSG

Food, clothes and monetary donation from Piula Theological College to SVSG

There are critics and then there are supporters.

But rest assured that God sees everything and all things that you do in your work to support our people in need.  

So encouraged Reverend Dr. Mosese Ma’ilo, Principal of the Piula Theological College, when they visited the children cared for at the Campus of Hope last week.

Piula has been a long-time supporter of S.V.S.G’s work, through prayers, this time, the school wants to be more involved.

The visit marked the beginning of a partnership between Samoa Victim Support Group and the Piula Theological College.

It is a partnership that has extended the support network S.V.S.G. continues to foster with the church community, as different denominations come forward to partner and to lend a hand.

The children spend time at the pool, the reverends provided the security around the area while their wives catered for lunch.  

The pool was closed off to the public while the children were in the area.  It was one big family taking time out from their normal activities to enjoy the goodness of the Lord in our lives, despite the evil and his ways.  

Monetary donation of $1,000, food and clothes supplies were presented to the children from the College.

In addition to the day out, the partnership will see the reverends and their wives becoming active volunteers at Campus, helping out at the school, with the livelihood trainings and caring for the babies.

S.V.S.G. President was grateful of the support from the Piula Theological College, in particular, the belief from those in leadership roles in the College, Reverend. Dr. Mosese Ma’ilo and the Team.  

“Thank you for your sincerity as shown by the durable partnership now established with the College.”

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