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Neueli Mauafu

What do I want in a relationship?

Actually, I’ve never thought of it

I mean, a guy like me has feelings too

Mostly hides it under my writings

Afraid to reveal or show it


What is my type you ask?

I want someone whose smart

But not too smart

In case she might think she’s more powerful than me

And wins all our arguments

I need someone whose smart

But steady

Knows how to control

Manage, organise

And speaks when she understands the problem

Always calm and ready


I need someone who’s into music

But not just any jams

Classics and music from legends

Stevie Wonder

Bob Marley 


But not One Direction 

and those useless boy bands

I need someone who motivates me

In any sense or in any way

The person who will advise me

No matter the problems

Mishaps or ups and downs

I will always stay

A focused and determined person

Yep, that’s all I need

Committed and dedicated

To whatever lies ahead

No matter how rough it seems


I don’t want to meet her online

Whether it’s Facebook

Snapchat or Instagram

Somewhere formal or special 

Maybe a meet up

Or even better at church perhaps!

I don’t want her to worry ‘bout her looks

Her eyebrows, hair or clothing

For that is all skin deep

But the inside is the real beauty that needs showing



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