Good Samaritan moved to help the less fortunate

By Fetalai Tuilulu’u and Seia Soloi ,

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GENEROUS DONATION: The three water tanks worth 1,500 tala.

GENEROUS DONATION: The three water tanks worth 1,500 tala.

Three water tanks worth $500 each have gone to three lucky families.

Their stories in the Village Voice feature of the Samoa Observer, described their need for help which has been generously answered.

This was confirmed by the Rotomould Samoa LTD managing director, Fred Yazdani. 

“These three small water tanks were paid off by a palagi woman who did not wish to be named, “he said. 

“It was some time ago when this Good Samaritan came over to pay for these tanks. 

“So therefore we have three families who will be given these water tanks.

 In response to a Village Voice story which featured Sefau Evi of Leauva’a one of the  water tanks was offered.  

When Village Voice reporters visited the family, the father said they could handle most things, but living without water was not something they could continue to do. 

The family he said, relied heavily on fetching water from their neighbor to survive. 

“We’ve lived here for years now and this has been a huge problem.

 “We reported the problem to the Water Authority, and they told us to wait because there’s a lot of work to be done.  

 “So we humbly asked if anyone could help us with this matter.”  

The second family which received another water tank was the family of Fatulau Fa’amasino of Luatuanu’u. 

Fatulau’s plight was also featured in the Village Voice section of Samoa Observer. 

 “We have more than 10 people in our family, and it is a struggle for us to survive,” he had told Village Voice. 

 “No one else in our family works. 

“Our main source of income is from our sons fishing.” 

Fatulau’s family also struggled with water and other basic necessities, but their big problem, was that their water source had no filter. 

The family needed a water tank to store their water and water filters to make sure the water was clean to drink.  

And last but not least, the family of Magea Letoga was also featured in Village Voice.

With no water pipes connected to the house, Magea said they simply did not have the money to get access. 

The three families were contacted to pick their water tanks and they all expressed their sincere thanks to whoever donated such a wonderful gifts.  

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