Samoa leads the way again!

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Dear Editor,

Congratulations to Samoa for again showing leadership to the world in protecting our planet!  

Working and living in Samoa for 3 years, I’ve applauded the Prime Minister’s strength and leadership in making world leaders accountable for taking action for climate change resilience.  

And now, the Ministry of the Environment just passed a law banning the use of plastic bags, awesome!  Countries that pass laws to ban plastic bags are successful in reducing our carbon footprint, like Denmark, Germany and now Samoa.  

Countries like my native Canada that only encourage people to use canvas or cloth bags have virtually no impact.  Not using plastic bags is something everyone can do, so I’m hoping that everyone in Samoa will switch to non-plastic, re-usable bags so we can all benefit from a cleaner, greener Samoa.


Janis Fedorowick


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