Working together makes better families

By Pai Mulitalo Ale ,

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Luisa Naseri of Tiavea-Tai

Luisa Naseri of Tiavea-Tai

Luisa Naseri has a simple philosophy in running her family.

She believes that when the husband, wife and children work together, whatever the challenges they face, they can all be overcome.

The 30-year-old mother lives with her three young children and her husband in a small hut at Tiavea Tai.

Mrs. Naseri grew up in Apia but moving to Tiavea Tai has taught her a lot about being grateful and learning to live with what you have.

“I like it here because it’s safer for my children,” she said. 

“I am sure that Apia is no longer safe for them because of the modern technologies and the kind of bad influences the children are being exposed to.”

Mrs. Naseri said she experienced it when her younger brother was in school.

“It was very difficult,” she said. 

“I thank God that he managed to finish school and got a job to help their family.” 

Luisa’s house at Tiavea-Tai.
Luisa’s house at Tiavea-Tai.

Yesterday. Mrs. Naseri was at home while her husband was in Apia to sell their crops at the Fugalei Market. 

She said her family struggles every day, but she is grateful to her husband who is always a hard working man to provide for their family. 

“When everyone plays their role in the family, things will be a lot easier. My husband works hard, I support him and our children are happy.

 “Working together makes everything easier because we know we are doing everything for our children.”

Mrs. Naseri told Village Voice that sometimes they sell coconuts to earn money. 

It’s hard work but it’s worth it, she said.

“We sell 50 coconuts for $15 and it took two days for my husband to collect them.” 

Naseri said whatever money they collect, they use for food and their fa’alavelave.

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