P.M. has been cornered

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Dear Editor,

Re: P.M. blasts the Samoa Observer 

Financial loans are a necessary part of doing business - and lets not fool ourselves, governments are just a big businesses. 

All governments have income and expenses.

The fact that loans are being made is not the issue - it is the terms on which the loan is being made that are the issue.

This money (the S.N.P.F fund) belongs to the people of Samoa and therefore any transactions that put this at risk should have full transparency.

As Kevin rightly says, any loan must be secured as contingency against default of payment.

The P.M’s reaction about the Samoa Observer has all the signs of a cornered rat.

He is behaving as though he shouldn’t be accountable for his decisions when in fact the reverse is true. 

He should be 100% accountable to the people of Samoa.



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