If you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say anything

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Dear Editor,

Re: Leave our Samoan world champion alone 

The fact that every fan’s expectation for Parker to stand out from that fight in way of a K.O. or at an extended point margin seems to contempt the acceptance of a Parker’s victory to some. People wanted to see dominance, and clear proof that Parker was the ultimate fighter they wanted him to be. 

It’s that exact mentality that upsets them when expectations were downplayed. Parker fought his way through with a game plan that perhaps slightly worked on his favour, also almost cost him the fight. 

Now as a fan, it’s acceptable to feel that way knowing that the match could’ve gone either way. Its unimaginable any other boxer can reach Parker’s current stance and what he has accomplished for the name of N.Z. and Samoa in our lifetime at such a young age, not mentioning the benefits it creates for both countries. 

Then we have these local wanna-be commentators and keyboard warriors who feel they have all the glory in the world to traduce his achievements he worked so vigorously for. 

The sad part is they acknowledge their nationality while on it, as if it rectifies their opinions as some qualified boxing judges. Lol If you don’t have nothing nice to say, it’s probably best to say nothing.

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