My precious culture

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Dear Editor,

Re: The question of culture 

My Samoa culture is my life. I cannot live without my beautiful culture.

More so often in these pages I have seen people bad mouthing my lovely Samoa culture.

But words to the effect of my precious Samoa culture would define the true meaning: E au ile tau ola e au ile fagota. Hence: E tupu le fa’alavelave iate oe e tupu fo’i iate a’u. Or, o oe nei o a’u taeao. Palagi keep their money in the bank and when they died or married, alone they are.

But me who treasured my lovely Samoa culture, I invest my money in my family; I don’t bank in the bank. And when I die, I don’t go alone; the whole family comes to comfort those who are very closed to me.

But it appears, those who are bad mouthing my dear Samoa culture are only giving, or in the palagi terms, “no return”.

But when their turn comes, I can guarantee all they would then see the value of my precious Samoa culture.

Please don’t bad mouth my lovely culture it my life it’s my pride. It is who I am; a Samoa from Samoa.


Tofaeono Hollywood 

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