The need for change

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Dear Editor,

Time changes, and so must we if we want our culture to stay relevant in the future. 

If our cultural is truly fundamental to who we are and how we operate, it’s not likely we will see a change anytime soon because change brings confusion and sometimes cynicism. 

And who wants to be an outcast in a small country? 

Pride is what prevents us from acknowledging our vulnerabilities. 

Our high chiefs and matai, leaders of Samoa are the fastest and most effective way to clearly define what we want our culture to become. 

Set an example, which is more powerful than what they say. 

This may be the most sustainable way for change and fewer burdens on our families. 

Our matai are simply an important part of creating a less chaotic and stressful Samoa with all this fa’’s only fair since it’s probably their fault (including mine) from the start why our culture is backbreaking with fruitless idea for the next village council?



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