Difference between Maua and P.M. Tuilaepa

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Dear Editor,

Re: Maua should be A.G.

If Maua really hates corruption (his famous words) and the true lover of transparency government, if aiga is so dear to his heart, he would have taken my many advise.

Come stay in Samoa, get a government job or do a village monotaga and get into Parliament.

But if leaving the comfort of NZ is too much of a sacrifice and burden to make, then all these media comments are just hot air. 

Maua, your relative (The P.M.) made that sacrifice over 30 year ago when he left the comfort of his Brussels job (secured U.N. senior post) to come to Samoa.

This is when Samoa was literally bankrupt, a delegation of senior ministers asked him “Samoa needs your help.” 

He left all that comfort and security behind to come back to the uncertainty of Samoa. He started at the Treasury dept. 

That’s the sacrifice I’m talking about, that’s the Tautua, Lotonuu I’m talking about. It’s deeds and actions not just mere words.


Fili Lemana

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