What can we do?

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Dear Editor

Re: Is “Freedom of expression freedom of thought,” in words?

This is one of the most important jobs of the newspaper, to address, reveal, and question the inconsistencies and inadequacies, not to mention corruption, within the government.

THIS, is clearly a blatant inconsistency that should be taken seriously and to the next level.

The next important question, now we know the details, what can we do to take it to the next level?

In my opinion, Samoa Observer opened a huge door for the Tautua Party to launch a full inquiry and bring those responsible to either justice and use this to strangle the HRPP party to submission and have them acquiesce to more sensible policies to benefit ALL of Samoa, as I don’t know if “recall” is possible.

The Observer volleyed the ball in your court Tautua Party...dust off your law books and get to work! It’s about justice, fairness and the welfare of the people of Samoa!

Thank you Mr. Malifa!

Stella M

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