Leave Samoa alone

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Dear Editor,

Re: About the tax debate 


There are some things that need changes and some that don’t need changes. Samoa has its ways, which makes Samoa, Samoa. 

I have lived abroad for years and traveled the world and have encountered different nationalities and their way of thinking. 

It makes me proud of being a Samoan, a place I call home and how my rooted mind was developed. A faifeau is a line we must not cross. 

Aua o Samoa, ei iai le va o mea. 

Just like how I was taught not to talk when grown folks talk. E ke ulaula i seisi mea, ae o le ave feau a le Alii, aua Tima, my mom would say. 

For a greater developed country is what every leader should strive for.

But everything comes with a price. 

We may succeed in a developed country, at the cost of losing our tradition and our Samoan way. 

I applaud those in seats who run countries, because I cannot do it. 

However, if I were asked, I would simply smile and say. Be content. Samoa is good the way it is. Don’t tarnish it!


Shai Minho

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