Proud of Samoa, thank you Tuilaepa!

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Dear Editor,

Re: PM issues caution to A.C.P

I have never felt prouder to be Samoan than to read this exceptional speech by the honorable prime minister! 

May this be the impetus for a brave new future for the A.C.P. 

Often I’ve been very suspicious and critical of our prime minister and his government, but this speech really shows depth and vision (Read speech in full on page 15). 

It is also interesting that the group met in P.N.G, next door to West Papua, our brothers and sisters who are enduring terrible oppression and extermination by the Indonesian government, their coloniser. 

With Samoa’s proud celebration of independence still fresh on our nation’s consciousness, it would be meritorious and exemplary of our leadership to take any opportunity to make mention and show support for the independence struggles of our neighbours.

Auimatagi V.R.

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