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Faamuamua Daisy Tauaanae

For the eyes,

I’ve fallen for.

For the smile,

I’ve missed.

For the amore,

I’ve gone attached to.


For the memories,

I’ve cherished.

For the lessons,

I’ve not yet learnt.

For the friendship

I’ve grown accustomed to.


For the lies,

I’ve been forgiving.

For our moments,

I’ve now regretted.

For your mistakes,

I am now paying for!


Till now, I’ve dreamt,

Not fantasy but nightmares.

Like a snake, you were so soft

Yet full of venom

Targeting an easy, vulnerable prey,

I was one, till you changed me!


For many failed attempts, I’ve chosen to forget,

Difficult it seemed

Since you’ve made me a different person

Long forgotten who I was

New born a ‘wicked’ one

Willing to do anything

In terms to feel loved again!

(…Even for a while…)

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