A true samoan (from The Talking Tree)

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Fepai Fiu S Kolia

Being a Samoan

Means a true Samoan

Talk like a Samoan

Behave like a Samoan

Dress like a Samoan

Think like a Samoan

Eat like a Samoan

Play like a Samoan

Live like a Samoan

High reverence defines a real Samoan.


Overseas Samoan born

We are all from one fanua

You are not the supernaturals

You are not the academics

What you are we are

Who you are we are

Our culture means the integrity of life

To lose it, is to lose one’s identity


A Samoa for Samoa

One’s heart melts for Samoa

A constructive Samoa

Abolish minimising our cultural values

Those things make us Samoan

Have pride of Samoa

I am the most.

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