SOUTH PACIFIC CLADDING OWNER: Tupuola Patrick Boon outside Court where he was fined.

Convicted for theft

A businessman who conspired with employees of a hardware store to steal materials has been convicted and fined by the Supreme Court.

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STOP THROWING RUBBISH IN OUR VILLAGE: Beauty Kosi, 21, from the village of Nu’u.

Our village isn’t a rubbish dump

Here’s a scenario: If someone were to come into your house to dump rubbish all over the place, how would that make you feel?

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STRUGGLING WITH WATER PROBLEMS: Caroline Nonu, 45, from the village of Nu’u

Water is life. Or so for some people

Water is a basic necessity. Most people take it for granted.

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This aerial photo shows fallen tomb stones scattered at a cemetery following an earthquake in Kurayoshi, Tottori prefecture, western Japan, Friday, Oct. 21, 2016.

Strong quake in western Japan knocks out power, injures 7

A powerful earthquake in western Japan knocked loose roof tiles, toppled store shelves and caused power outages Friday afternoon, but apparently caused no widespread damage.

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A Minnie Mouse doll lays inside the frame of a warped iron bed among the debris of a home destroyed by Hurricane Matthew, in Port-a-Piment, a district of Les Cayes, Haiti.

In Haiti, hopes dim for missing victims of Hurricane Matthew

Nobody has seen or heard from Edma Desravine, a 71-year-old grandfather known for his sly sense of humor and bad luck at cock fights, in the roughly 2 ½ weeks since Hurricane Matthew sent floodwaters and debris crashing into his riverside shantytown.

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Marist Pride: The Marist team took third place in the East Coast U15’s  Boys  Competition.

Marist family gives back to support the future of cricket

The boys sported their new gear  with pride as they took part in their  first ever cricket competition and secured third place overall.  

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Football Federation Samoa:  The C.E.O Faumuina Michael Kapisi (middle, red shirt)  President Laupama Tokan Solomona (middle, white shirt) Technical Director Martin Tamasese (grey shirt) , All White James Bannatyne and the participants.

Goal keepers back to drawing board

If you think being a goal keeper is easy, say that to six foot three, All White Goal Keeper, James Bannatyne.  

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Street Talk

Your thoughts on closure of Yazaki

It’s official. More than 700 employees of the country’s biggest employer in the private sector will soon find themselves without jobs following the announcement that Yazaki Eds Samoa is set to be officially shut by the end of 2017.

Amosa Polima, 33


Folasaitu Leussogi, 53


Mao Lesao, 42


Peteru Saumaseava, 52


Taisi Ioane, 30


Think a Minute

Think a minute…A successful man said: “Success is mostly about failing.” What we don’t know about the world’s most successful people is the many times they failed before they finally succeeded. Successful people know how to keep going and learning from their failures until they finally reach their goal. As a famous entertainer put it: “If you want the rainbow, you’ve got to put up with the rain.”


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A reminder from the former Minister of Education, Magele Mauiliu Magele

Aid and foreign assistance are Samoa’s best friends. That much is undeniable. All you have to do is follow the news on a daily basis to know that without aid and foreign assistance from donor countries, development partners and Good Samaritans in general; the state of the economy would be in an absolute mess.

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Letters to the Editor

Re: A coconut truck This goes on constantly.

Re: Coconut truck I had to laugh when I saw the photo of M.E.S.C. vehicle in the paper. The question is what were they doing? And where was the driver heading to with the load of coconuts?

Re: Who created this mighty mess? There is so much confusion with this N.P.O. saga. So where do we begin and end? Everyone is breaking the law somehow but nobody gets punished, they only get suspended or delayed to be prosecuted.


Singer Akon

Singer Akon backs Liberia schools' partnership with firm

Senegalese-American hip-hop star Akon is endorsing Liberia's plan to outsource oversight of its primary education system to a Kenya-based for-profit company, a decision that some local educators have denounced.

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Logo of Takata Corp. at an auto supply shop in Tokyo. The U.S. government is confirming another death due to the rupture of an air bag made by Takata Corp.

US confirms 11th death due to Takata air bags

A 50-year-old woman who died after a car wreck last month in California is the 11th U.S. victim of Takata Corp.'s defective air bag inflators.

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