SAMOA HAS IT ALL: Justine Masters says Samoa has everything a tourist would want to see and experience.

Samoa has everything, says tourist

Samoa is natural and beautiful and has all that a tourist would want to see and experience – there is no need to add to it.

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ENJOYING SAMOA: Twenty-four-year-old Canadian tourist Kathryn Hrycusko.

Kathryn embraces the Samoan experience

Twenty-four-year-old Canadian tourist Kathryn Hrycusko was on a mission when she flew into Samoa – to enjoy all that the country had to offer.

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OUTREACH: ACEO Curriculum of MESC, Leota Valma Galuvao (middle) with her team during discussions.

Ministry moves on vision to expand inclusive education

The Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture (MESC) is expanding inclusive education practices to schools, across both urban and rural areas in Samoa.

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“A passenger has to declare their condition and if this is included in the medical lists for further medical review, and doctor’s clearance then a passenger undergoes further examination,” Dr Ah Leong explained.

Doctors alert air travellers to health checks

People with breathing problems or who recently underwent surgery should declare their health condition to their airline when booking a flight. 

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SPONSORSHIP: PG office receives $200,000 from McDonald's Restaurant to help with PG2019 preparations.

Restaurant injects $200,000

McDonald's Family Restaurant yesterday offered a helping hand to the Pacific Games through a generous donation of $200,000. 

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Ministry of Police is in charge of enforcing the law that prohibits smoking in public places.

Police should be enforcing no smoking laws

The Ministry of Police is in charge of enforcing the law that prohibits smoking in public places.  

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One of the youngest Samoan fine mats weaver, Shalom from Nofoali'i.

Show to highlight traditional arts

The annual showcasing of Ie Samoa, known as the National Faalelega Pepe/Fuataga will be held on May 9 this year.

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Keith Gebauer. Photo: Talanei News.

Top Pago official rejects drug claims

A senior American Samoa government official has rejected claims from Samoa that most of the hard drugs found in Samoa are brought in from the territory.

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Minister for Revenue, Tialavea Tionisio Hunt.

Most of $503.7m from seasonal workers, Minister claims

Most of the remittances received by Samoa is from seasonal workers. This is according to the Minister for Revenue, Tialavea Tionisio Hunt. How much exactly he did not say. But he made the point when he was asked about the significant contribution by Samoans overseas to the local economy with reference to remittance figures released by the Central Bank of Samoa for the financial year 2017/18.  

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74-year-old Malia Kalala Laufasa from Falefa.

Visa application fees questioned

A 74-year-old woman from Falefa has expressed her disappointment with the US Embassy’s visa section in Apia. According to Malia Kalala Laufasa, she believes that it is unfair to pay $430 tala for a US visa application, only for the application to be unsuccessful. 

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Sister Filomena Akenese Potogi.  Photo: Facebook.

Details emerge on woman who died during flight

The elderly woman who died on an Air New Zealand flight from Auckland to Apia on Tuesday was a nun returning from a Christmas holiday in New Zealand. Sister Filomena Akenese Potogi of Sapapali’i, Savai’i died on flight NZ296, prior to the aircraft landing at the Faleolo International Airport.  

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La’auli gets backing from constituency

Sasina, Letui and Fagae’e, villages in Gagaifomauga No. 3, remain fully supportive of La’auli Leuatea Polata’ivao as their representative in Parliament, and the ruling Human Rights Protection Party (H.R.P.P). The message was relayed by Seve Avaula Panapa, on behalf of the villages, during a press conference at the Maota o Samoa yesterday. 

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Robert Angler in Samoa.

This is the way to live

It did not take long for Robert Angler, a German backpacker, to like Samoa.

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Yvette and Gordon Cabral on their last day in paradise.

Couple share magical experience

Gordon and Yvette Cabral, a couple in their 50s from Melbourne, Australia, are not your average tourists.

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Members of the S.V.S.G. Nofotane women group showcase the reusable bags they created under their partnership with Digicel.

Digicel, S.V.S.G. join forces for a Greener Samoa

Digicel and the Nofotane Women under SVSG’s economic empowerment programme have launched a partnership to make multi-purpose reusable bags that can be stashed in your compartment or handbag. 

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“Humble and respectful” misinterpreted as “not interested, lazy”: Samoan’s held back from promotions in New Zealand.

Why Samoans held back from job promotions

Samoans in New Zealand are being held back from senior level management positions due to racism and the misinterpretation of their culture.

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Rosa’s youngest sister, Tilomai together with her mother farewelling their beloved rose. Photo: Adel Fruean

“Let what happened to me end with me,” victim dies with message

An 18-year-old victim of rape who passed away recently due to heart problems has left a message with the hope that it could save others.

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“Angels” donate to Palalaua College

Palalaua College was the recipient of a donation of furniture and books from the Latter Day Saints (L.D.S) Charity on Wednesday.

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M-TALA LAUNCHED: Miss Samoa Sonia Piva and Bluesky C.E.O. Toleafoa Douglas Creevey.

Bluesky launches mobile-based transaction system

Local mobile phone company Bluesky yesterday launched its first mobile phone-based payment application. The service will enable Bluesky customers to process or make and receive payments or transfer funds with another phone user.

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National Bank of Samoa (NBS).

National Bank launches new Internet Banking

The National Bank of Samoa (NBS) has taken another bold move in its drive for digital transformation of its banking business. The Bank has invested in the latest Oracle Internet Banking application (OBDX) – the first bank to do so in the South Pacific.

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Think a Minute

Luck or love?

Think a minute…This is an amazing true story of love and luck, or what appeared to be luck. Terri wanted to buy her husband David something special for Christmas. Then in September she found exactly what she was looking for.



Changing lives: Prevention and reversal of obesity

Talofa Samoa! I am happy to start this Health Column by informing the Public that METI has now received official support from government for its Healthy Living programme.

Between the Lines

A hungry thief. Your house might be next

A prominent member of the community had his house broken into where the thief ransacked it looking for valuables to take.

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