P.M. congratulates Public Service

Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi, yesterday acknowledged the hard work of Samoa’s public service. He did this during the celebration of Samoa Public Service day which started with a parade on Beach Road. This is what he said:

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An open letter about food safety in Samoa

Andy Sevao, a Samoan resident in Seattle, Washington, USA wrote me a letter not long ago.

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SADLY MISSED: Moanalei was among 143 people killed in 2009 when the tsunami struck Samoa.

In memory of the victims of 2009 tsunami

Today is the eighth anniversary of the deadly tsunami in 2009 which struck the south coast of Upolu, killing 143 people. Columnist Lumepa Hald’s daughter, Moanalei, was among the victims. Today she pays tribute to her in this piece:

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WHERE THERE IS WEALTH: Samoa’s wealth relies not only on tourism and fishing but must rely on its fertile lands suitable for agribusiness. Samoa continues to face  critical challenges—high youth unemployment and poverty all around.

Samoa’s great youth potential

Samoa has a great potential to flourish and play a significant role in the Pacific region.

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What a week for the Kiwis

What a week last week was for Kiwis. There was no shortage of topics for discussion. Most relate to the elections but there were also others including the trouncing of the South African Springbok by the All Blacks the previous Saturday.

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Make a life so beautiful…

Have you watched closely the hand of a child holding your hand?

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Apaula Tafea of Vaiala Beach School, submitted this entry to take out the Year 8 English prize in the Samoa Observer’s 2017 National Short Story Competition. Read other prize winning stories in the coming Monday editions of the Samoa Observer.

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New Zealand voters energised

Only a few more days to go before New Zealand voters find out whether the National Party will have a fourth term in government.

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To address climate change, our work must be collaborative, inclusive and responsive to the needs of the Pacific

It is my pleasure to welcome you all to the 28th S.P.R.E.P Meeting.

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The truth behind the ‘Bio-Bag’.

It’s no secret that plastic is bad for the environment and unfortunately for us, we consume far more than we should. From plastic food wrappers to plastic buckets, it can be safe to say that plastic plays a big part of our everyday lives.

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We are as a song, “a slow dying flower”

My soul lurks in the dark shadows of Lalomanu trees, after the sun had long gone. But the child I miss is the goddess of the breeze.

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“Together we can make a beginning”

Leaders of the Pacific; Ministers of Cabinet and Parliament; Distinguished Delegates; Ladies and Gentlemen, This week has been a long journey for us all; with each day’s dialogue, we have learnt to make a beginning as one collective; stewards of the Blue Pacific.

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Of secret things and the worrisome world!

There are tourists from all over the world on the beach of Lalomanu.

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Take a minute, change a life

2017 marks the 15th World Suicide Prevention Day.

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The Bible, Sunday Observance and Samoa the Christian Sate

In one of Samoa Observer’s editorial comments a week or so ago on noise on Sunday and mandatory Sunday observance as a solution, readers were invited to have their say on the subject.

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Let us recapture the essence of Our Blue Pacific

It is my privilege to welcome you all, descendants of the continent moana, our sea of islands joined to the umbilical cord of our cultures, heritage, resources and identification as people of the Ocean.

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What is beauty to you?

I have been asked to give a talk to you girls, the contestants for this year’s Miss Samoa Pageant. I know these past few weeks have been full on for you and you have probably heard too many speeches already.

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Talking about Paris Accord in Apia

All Forum Members ratified the Paris Agreement before the end of 2016, which supported the early entry into force of the Agreement in November 2016 at COP 22 held in Marrakech, Morocco.

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POLYNESIAN LEADERS: Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi during the Polynesian Leaders Meeting yesterday.

A perspective from Samoa: While we might be small islands, we are large ocean states

I have been invited today to speak on “Implementing Paris Agreement and Raising the Pacific Voice at COP 23.”

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Blue Pacific – the Pacific’s commitment to the global Agenda 2030

I am delighted to be invited to speak about the Sustainable Development Goals and the Pacific’s commitment to a Blue Economy at this Regional Media Workshop.

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Playground politics as the P.M. returns

The return of Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi has not come a moment too soon for most of us who have interests in life outside of playground politics. The reports of alleged and unseemly plotting, the forming of factions and jockeying for positions while the leader of our country was receiving medical treatment in New Zealand is rather tacky, to say the least.

Letters to the Editor

Laws enable the wealthy

Dear Editor Re: Exploitation hurts You are so correct. Of course you have seen this from your place in the world. I have seen this in Latin America. It is despicable what the wealthy nations do to the poor nations.

Street Talk

Fa’afetai Timo, 29

Questions over sports administration

The administration of sports in Samoa has come under the microscope once more. American-based Samoan Sprinter, Jeremy Dodson, has raised serious questions about the way sports are run. “From the three years I have represented Samoa, I have seen officials do nothing but get free trips, trips spent lounging in sponsored hotels while athletes eat processed food,” he said. “I have seen officials get elected not off merits, but friendships.

Think a Minute

Don’t follow your conscience

Think a minute…Some young children were asked this question: “What is a conscience?” A 6-year-old boy said he thought it was “the bad feeling you get when you kick girls and puppies.” A 9-year-old said your conscience is “a voice inside that says ‘No’ when you want to beat up your little brother.”

Between the Lines


DEPENDS WHICH SIDE YOU’RE ON Does that adage "one swallow make a summer" apply to football? If you’re an Aussie rugby fan and have been waiting for a win for yonks, it’s a resounding yes.

Sunday Reading

OUR HERO IS HOME: Our very own W.B.O. Heavyweight Champion visits the sick children and bringing them smiles of which were signs of temporary relief.

When a World Champion drops by

The smiles on their faces said it all. Although many of them were in pain, W.B.O heavyweight champion, Lupesoliai Laauli Joseph Parker, brought temporary relief when he paid an unexpected visit on Friday.

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