Youth members participated yesterday.

“We get a Government that we deserve”

Today marks the second year since the Government approved the National Voters Day as part of the Office of the Electoral Commissioner’ national drive, to raise public awareness on the rights, duties and obligations of our citizens as voters under our Constitution and electoral laws.

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Isn’t paradise a bombard of comical tragedies?

Speaking of tourism, why not build us a large canoe and wade it across the sea for the irony of rubbish collected by the plastic filled ocean, saved inside the roaming sharks and the whales?

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THE MESSAGE IS CLEAR: All women deserve the right to live freely from violence.

Helping women ‘press for progress’

Today, on 8 March, we celebrate International Women’s Day. It is a day to celebrate the achievements and successes of women around the globe. It also an opportunity to reflect on the challenges faced by women in our society and to consider how we can address these challenges.

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HELP FOR THE GOSHEN TRUST: Fa’asootauloa Sam Saili, Leaupepe Savea Tutagi Too Arundell, Former Head of State, His Highness Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi with the Director of Sinalei Reef Resort & Spa, Sose Annandale, at Tuaefu.

We discover the angel in our nature by committing to cause of most vulnerable

Right now I feel like I am hanging on a string with stretches from purgatory to hell.

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GOING TO WORK: Farmers making the most of Samoa’s fertile soil.

Soil fertility knowledge can boost your harvests

Farmers everywhere regularly harvest crops yielding far below the biological potential of their chosen variety.

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HEALTHY LIVING: Christina Robert switches to a plant based diet for a healthier lifestyle.

Changing lives: Reversing heart diseases in Samoa

Talofa Samoa! Someone asked me the other day whether the whole food, plant based (W.F.P.B.) diet that M.E.T.I. is promoting can help reverse heart disease. The answer is a loud YES.

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“Law, Custom and Constitutionalism: Customary Land Tenure in Samoa”

Ladies and Gentlemen, Talofa lava! As an Indigenous Samoan, Let me first pay my respect to the Indigenous Owners of this land and thank their ancestors, past present and future, for letting me stand before you on these sacred cultural lands!

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In response to the Samoa First Union

This piece is in reference to “About those “lazy” Samoan workers” by the Samoa First Union. Laziness is a habit inherent in any human being. And it is a bad habit. Period.

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Tui Cable: These are exciting times

“Whilst providing affordable wholesale internet through the Tui-Samoa is important, extending access must go hand in hand with increasing digital literacy for women and men, girls and boys as well as those Samoans with disabilities” – P.M. Tuilaepa Dr. Sa’ilele Malielegaoi

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Desensitize my de-sensitivity

Don’t you just love double negatives? Anyway…I must warn you, this article may have content that may be upsetting or too violent for some audiences. Read at your own discretion.

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Progress means better Chief Executives

I write in reference to an the opinion of the Prime Minister the A.C.E.Os should be chosen by Cabinet.

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New Zealand – an awful name for God’s Own

To’osavili John Key got it wrong. Had he campaigned to change the name of the country instead of the flag, he may have had a better Cause and chance at succeeding. After all, change the name of the country and a new flag is a certainty.

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Who is responsible for our sinking islands?

By 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish and according to researchers, by then I will be completely submerged underwater. Tackling the plastic problem and pollution in the ocean will help reduce the carbon pollution and global warming.

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The troubling hearts we carry

Often, alone, I long to hear the solitary songs of sorrow.

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Tafa’igata Hilton, sumo wrestlers and prison escapees

Is the Tafa’igata prison, a prison or a hotel? It looks more like a hotel, where the inmates (customers) are forced to check in, but the check out time is up to them.

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The woman and her bones

Do you feel the earth would be kinder if Adam was Eve instead? When I look at the children of the streets, I feel sorrow only. There is not a bone in a loving mother which does not ache for the grief upon any child. I miss my own mother like I miss the rain.

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Catch the right waves

Stop. Unplug your earphones, headphones, you know what, turn the phone off.

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Let us hire the best

A harmonious and happy society is one in which all its members are involved in a constructive activity that benefits the majority. Any deviation from this ideal accommodation brings imbalance and chaos depending of its deviation and gravity of it.

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Christmas cancelled

More than two thousand years from today, a child was born to a 15-year-old mother in a dirty barn full of smelly animals and dusty hay. His first gasp of air was in a little town called Bethlehem, as prophesied.

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The humble breadfruit tree has many uses

This Article deals exclusively with the food uses of the breadfruit then and now

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God blesses people who are prepared to work

When we talk about hardship, struggles and poverty, an element that is often lost in the debate is that there are people who are doing their absolute best to try and get out of it. We think they deserve credit and a mention for their efforts. Today we want to pay tribute to their hard work, whatever it is that they do.

Letters to the Editor

Time for new political movement

Dear Editor Re: Typical of a one party state The voters at grassroot level don’t seem to know either that the very candidate they are voting for are those that are undermining their livelihoods.

Street Talk

Eseta Faasao, 42

Public oppose new chicken tax

The recent passing of the Customs and Tariff Bill in Parliament means new tariff rates will be imposed on all imported chicken. This is a grave concern given that chicken is one of the most affordable meat for families living below the poverty line and middle income earners. Taxing such goods is no doubt a burden on these families because a decent meal every day is now being robbed from them with price increase. Our reporter, Ulimasao Fata asked the public on their opinion on Government’s move to tax imported frozen chicken. This is what they said:

Think a Minute

Problems mean progress

Think a minute…What’s your problem? Not all problems are bad. In fact, certain kinds of problems mean you are successful and making progress. A big hardware business moved into the same building with a small hardware store.

Between the Lines


Banking whispers Whispers about the change of ownership for a major player in the banking industry in Samoa has been laughed off.

Sunday Reading

HONOURING THE VOLUNTEER VETS: The members of the A.P.S. board alongside the 3 volunteers at Taumesina Island Resort.

The Howler: A.P.S. says thank you

Members of the Animal Protection Society (A.P.S.) board gathered at the beautiful Taumeasina Resort for a dinner to honor the volunteer vets that came over from Australia to help conduct the clinics.

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