Thank you so much, Japan!

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Dear Editor,

Domo arigatou gozaimasu

I live in the Tanoaleia/Vaivaseuta area and water quality used to be a big problem. 

A 25 micron fibre filter will clog with sediment and sludge with ‘clean’ water running, in one week. 

With discolored water the same filter will clog up in one day. 

Since November last year, we got clean drinkable water thanks to a six million tala project funded by the Japanese taxpayers. 

It provided a pump and new technologically advanced pipes for its reticulation and storage tanks. In my estimation, this is a wildly successful project. 

There is no questionable ‘trickle down effect’ on the public like most public projects. 

This project is virtually gushing 24/7 into the homes of the poor and needy at the minimal of maintenance costs. 

I have had a 5 micron filter on it since November last year and its not even discolored. 

Thank you SWA much. Domo arigatou gozaimasu Japanese taxpayers. Keep up the good work SWA and God bless.




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