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Faamuamua Daisy Tauaanae

One who come along 

Be closest to you

Be part of your life

Be that best friend

Willing to take a bullet for you

Such friend whom you have believed

Do come once in a lifetime.


Advising you

Crying with you

Acting crazy with you

Encouraging you

Motivating you

Pushing you to go beyond your limits.


Make a place in your heart

Warmth flowing into your soul

So as the heart beats non-stop.

Creating new chapters

Cherishing new memories

Forever in love with this one


Little do you know

There’s  the “The End part” always

Forgetting the “never leave your side” promise.

Unexpectedly disappear

Far away from you now

Heart cries missing this one.


Longing to see that one again

Hoping one day you will.

Probably not.

Since now you’re determining yourself to move ahead

Heart has broken to pieces again

Forever regret loving this one!

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