SAFETY ASSURED: The general public have a right to be driven by drivers who have up to date drivers' licences.

Crackdown on unlicensed drivers by L.T.A.

The days of buses being driven by unlicensed drivers are over, according to the Land Transport Authority. They are adamant that the general public can be assured of their safety on the roads.  

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C.C.C.S. former General Secretary: Dr. Afereti Uili.

Church members to call for reimbursement

Many parishes of the Congregational Christian Church of Samoa are now ready to make a call at the Fonotele this year.

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Police Spokesperson Su’a Muliaga Tiumalu raised the suggestion that the blogger could be someone from within the Ministry.

Police still in the hunt for ‘O.L.P.’ blogger

The Ministry of Police is still in the hunt for a blogger known as ‘O le Palemia’ and they seem to have few leads to follow.

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Police Spokesperson Su’a Muliaga Tiumalu.

Four men in custody over possession of marijuana

Four men, all from Savaii were taken into custody for possession of narcotics last week. They were apprehended at the Mulifanua Wharf and are scheduled to appear in court next month on the 1st of May.

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Former Reverend Opapo and his wife Luisa Oeti sing on their last day as Ministers of the C.C.C.S. in Falelatai, after Opapo was stripped of his pastoral title last month, by the Elders.

Emotion and forgiveness at Opapo’s departure

Despite their undying love for their former Reverend Opapo Oeti, the Congregational Christian Church in Samoa (C.C.C.S) in Falelatai is moving on. They will be looking for a replacement church minister over the next six months.  

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Police Commissioner, Fuiavaili’ili Egon Keil says Samoa is not alone in being a gateway for drugs to bigger countries.

Samoa: a gateway for drugs to bigger countries

“When there are drugs, there are guns and when those two mix up, its always deadly and that’s why the TCU in the Pacific works day and night to stop these types of transactions,” - Police Commissioner Fuiavaili’ili

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Ukraine's Wladimir Klitschko, right, and Britain's Tyson Fury exchange blows during a boxing bout in Duesseldorf, western Germany.

Klitschko admits what boxing fans always knew: he was boring

Wladimir Klitschko was never really embraced by the average boxing fan, despite dominating a lackluster heavyweight division for the better part of a decade.

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D.M.F. putting Samoa on map

“When I got the invitation from Fiji Fashion Week to represent Samoa for their 10th year Golden Anniversary,  I was stoked and overall excited,” - Dane Mulinu’u Fabricius.

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STILL WORKING: Tupuola Fa’alea, 62 years old from Siumu and Faleula.

It’s a tough life for hard working man

Tupuola Fa’alea’s life is no walk in the park. No thanks to the cost of living, he says we live at a time where every penny counts.   

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WANTING THE BEST FOR MY CHILDREN: Moe Tiafau of Faleula and Samalaeulu.

Mother prioritises daughter and family

The struggle that every parents face each day is providing for family especially children who are their first priority.

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ASKING FOR HELP: Tina’s home at Leauva’a.

New beginning for family from Savai’i

“It’s hard because my husband is the only one who works for our family. Once we clear up all the area then we will start making another move for our family.” - Tina Toma

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Laziness will not cut it

“We have no one currently employed in my family; we live here with my siblings and their children and we share the same water pipes and electricity.” - Nive Afele

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Never too old to learn

The participants to the 19th training session of the UN Women Fund for Gender Equality project with Samoa Victim Support Group on the economic empowerment of nofotane women shared a feeling of appreciation for being empowered themselves through the project.

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COCOA INDUSTRY EXPANDS TO APIA: Samoan Cocoa to help with families financially.

Driving lucrative cocoa market

When it comes to the cocoa industry, the owners of Savai’i Koko, Tupa’i Sale’imoa and his wife Rosie Vaai have big plans. 

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Wedding smiles for Richeward and Talahiva

Love was in the air at Si’usega yesterday and there was no hiding the fact from the faces of loved up duo, Richeward Hill and Talahiva Samaria Chan Mow.

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Team Razzee: Excited for the great week ahead.

Anglers set to tackle Samoa high seas

The anglers are ready, the weather is looking great and now it’s just a matter of the gunshot start and they’re away.

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New book revisits history of Germany in Samoa

A book about the history of Germans in Samoa before independence was launched at the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum on Friday night.

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WORKING HAND IN HAND: Mike Mahendra, Verona Parker and Luatua Setefano.

Bringing you Parker’s next fight

The upcoming Lupesoliai Joseph Parker world title defense fight against Hughie Fury is coming to a TV3 near you thanks to Taula Beverages.

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Speaking to the Sunday Samoan, the woman who prefers to be known only as “Stoira” strongly denied that she is the face behind Samoa’s “most wanted blogger.”

Accused woman breaks her silence

A woman who was wrongfully arrested by the Police and detained for five days over the manhunt for “Ole Palemia” has broken her silence about the ordeal.

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Two Police officers arrived with the warrant and met with the Editor.

Police execute search warrant of Samoa Observer

It was part of their investigation to track down the person who has been making what they claim as “defamatory” statements against a woman who claims to be carrying the marks of Jesus Christ’s suffering and her family.

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Think a Minute

Blind spots

Think a minute…How’s your eyesight and vision? A famous blind woman once said: “It’s better to be blind and see with your heart, than to have two good eyes and not see yourself as you truly are.”


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The righteous thing The Ministry of Revenue is not the most popular of government Ministries right now. That’s for sure.

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