In support of the Minister of Revenue

Dear Editor, I am all for the Minister of Revenue in his plan to tax pastors. These Pastors should pay taxes to avoid them getting chronic disease, that’s a great effort.

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The difference between a grant and loan

Dear Editor, I could be wrong but here’s my own re-write of the Samoa Agriculture Competitiveness Enhancement Project, funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries for clarity.

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Stupid plan to send patients to India

Dear Editor, Wow, now P.M. Tuilaepa wants to send our people to India where hospitals are overcrowded?

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O’o, elections and pork barreling

Dear Editor, Re: Total silence in Minister’s row There is some benefit in changing the Samoan version of pork barreling from the pre-election campaign o’o to the post election pork barreling election promises for the appropriation of government expenditures upon local nu’u projects.

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The reality in Samoa

Re: National shame Well said but I must say security should always be paramount to any country to protect is citizens and tourists.

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Proud of Sergeant Siripa Uelese

Dear Editor, With the lack of an opposition to challenge the government, I am proud of Siripa Uelese’s decision to stand up and challenge the system.

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Congratulations P.M. Tuilaepa

Dear Editor, Re: The importance of the two sene Congratulations P.M. This is what I was looking for as I mentioned several years ago, either donate or contribute 2 or 6 cents for our government from each of Samoan people in our country and all over the world for the building of our small nation.

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Everyone should pay tax

Dear Editor, I write about the tax debate issue. I believe all around the world people are taxed.

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The truth about First Solar and Samoa

Dear Editor, Someone’s not telling the truth here and I’m pointing my finger straight to the government and the head for the local agent for First Solar.

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P.M. should read his Bible properly

Dear Editor, Re: P.M. and government taxes I think the P.M. should go and read the bible. Yes Jesus did pay the tax but it wasn’t a government tax it was the “temple tax” or “Church tax.” (Read Mathew 17:24-27).

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The faifeau’s calling

Re: Leave the faifeaus alone Nafanua told Malietoa during the dark ages, Tali i Lagi sou Malo. That was a calling for God to intervene. That was how the Faifeau begins.

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Fix domestic politics

Re: P.M. on India patients plan Does this man wake up each morning with an epihpany? Mr. P.M. - don’t try to save money on medical bills.

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And this is coming from an Economist?

Dear Editor, After reading PM Tuilaepa’s interview the V.A.G.S.T, I have to really ask if he’s okay. He said, the 2.5 sene raise is not much. This comes from someone who considers himself to be an economist.

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Good on you Siripa Uelese for speaking up

Dear Editor, Interesting to read your front page story on the Sunday Samoan. There is more to this story.

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We are all called to serve

Dear Editor, Look at the word Fai Feau. It literally means to do a chore or to serve. In that case we’re all fai feaus.

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Of taxes, God and Samoa

Dear Editor, Does it matter that God is a part of the Samoan nation? Seems arbitrary but there’s always room for divine intervention.

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Samoans and democracy

Dear Editor, Re: The media and political power addiction I think the Samoa Constitution should be taught in all high schools.

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Rest in peace, Tanielu!

Dear Editor, Re: Tribute to an everyday hero There is no greater love than this one would give up his life for his friends.

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The cost of ignorance

Dear Editor, Thank you for your editorial titled “The cost of corruption, negligence and ignorance in interesting Samoa.” Awesome reading.

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The question about the Pastors and taxes

Dear Editor, Re: Taxing pastors Please read and understand. Jesus and his followers went to Capernaum. In Capernaum some men came to Peter. They were the men that collected the two-drachma tax.

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Another blunder? Or is it desperation?

The government’s announcement that the Overseas Medical Referral Programme (O.M.R.P.) has now been extended to India – with the likelihood of New Zealand being totally excluded - would without a doubt raise eyebrows.

Street Talk

Ruta, 45

What changes in the police ministry are needed?

The Police Commissioner, Fuiavailili Egon Keil has finally returned to work following a long suspension and an appearance in court. Now that he’s resumed his position, Sina Filifilia Sevaaetasi hit the streets of Apia asking the question “Is there a need to have changes in the police force?”

Think a Minute

Goose or gull?

Think a minute…One of my favorite birds to watch is the beautiful white seagull. It looks so graceful and gentle floating on the soft sea breezes. But looks can be deceiving.


Should we punish all juvenile criminals like adults?

Samoan youth throughout years have been so well-mannered that there was an unlikelihood of any sort of crime sprouting up.

Between the Lines


JUST CURIOUS A friend of BTL was looking through the coaching staff for the Samoa A team that’s in Fiji right now.

Sunday Reading

Myths and Legends of the Ancient World

The horsemen left King Giuki’s burg at dawn, riding out through the forest to the distant mountains beyond.

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