SIGN ON IT: Chief Executive with the Ministry of Prime Minister and Cabinet Agafili Shem Leo and M.C.I.L’.s Chief Executive Pulotu Lyndon Chu Lin at the signing ceremonies for Upolu village representatives.

Regional Seasonal Workers scheme set to expand

Samoans may soon work as seasonal workers in New Zealand’s tourism and fisheries industries.

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HELPING HAND: C.E.O Seumanu Douglas Ngau Chun with representatives of Samoa International Finance Authority, Tapuitea Lafaialii-Petaia, Manager Business Development Division and Alofa Crawley, Senior Business Development Officer, B.D.U.

S.I.F.A. invests in future leaders

Leadership Samoa has welcomed Samoa International Finance Authority (S.I.F.A.) to its family of sponsors. 

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GET YOUR PRIORITIES RIGHT: Fa’anati Faleo’o, 40, Solosolo and  Sapapali’i Savai’i.

Single man prioritises father

Fa’anati Faleo’o from the village of Solosolo says life is difficult. But when you get your priorities right, it gets a little easier. 

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Farming life is all I have: Reupena Unapo from Falefa and Palauli Savaii.

Reupena values life as a farmer

Working as a farmer is an amazing thing. It means that you’re one of the few people that still care about the Samoan way of life.

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CLOSER TO FARM BUT FAR FROM WATER: Miti Fa’anafu, 62, of Falevao.

We desperately need water

Clean water is a basic necessity for survival. Yet that is something Miti Fa’anafu of Falevao can only dream of in 2017.

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WORK TO FEED MY FAMILY: Toa Auga’e of Faleula-uta with street vendors.

Injured father settles for selling niu

Some people find excuses to take days off from work but that’s not the case for Toa Auga’e of Faleula-uta.

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AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD: Mie Kanstrup from Denmark travels to Savai’i.

Paradise Awaits: Savai’i leaves traveller speechless

Mie Kanstrup of Denmark has been in Samoa for the last week. 

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BLOWN AWAY: Corinne Caesar from England visits Savai’i’s famous blow holes.

Samoa is an escape from hectic London life for traveller Corinne

The first week of an eight-week stay in Samoa has been a whirlwind of waterfalls, beaches and meeting new people, for Corinne Caesar.

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LEADERSHIP SAMOA: Manusamoa Christine Sa’aga; Chairman: Peseta Dr. Desmond Mene Lee Hang, and Treasurer: Taitu’uga Maryann Lameko-Vaai upon their successful re-election.

Peseta returns as Chairman

Pesetā Dr. Desmond Mene Lee Hang is set to continue as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Leadership Samoa for yet another twelve months. 

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CONGRATULATIONS: Tafafuna’i Tavai Annapu (mother), Seve Asiata Anapu, Matiu Aiali’i (father) and his sister.

Graduation joy for Seve and family

Learning is part of a life long journey.

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TACKLING YOUTH ISSUES: The relevant stakeholders and representatives present at the Launching of the Samoa National Youth Council’s Tracer Youth Employment Survey Report.

Report reveals alarming statistics

The Samoa National Youth Council (S.N.Y.C.)’s Tracer Youth Employment Survey Report has revealed some very interesting statistics about young people and unemployment in Samoa.

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ROTARY’S CHANGE OVER DINNER : Clara Philipp, Maria Innes Kappenberger, Pam Keil, Marco Kappenberger and Leonora Leota.

Rotary welcomes new President

The Apia Rotary has a new President. Last weekend, Louise Main was officially welcomed as Rotary’s President for 2017 and 2018. She takes over from outgoing President Susan Faoagali.

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Parliament approves budget

A round of applause was echoed during Parliament at Tuanaimato when the budget for the financial year 2017/2018 was passed on Monday night.

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MINISTER FOR AGRICULTURE AND FISHERIES: Hon. Laaulialemalietoa Leuatea Polataivao Schmidt.

S.R.O.S. could be privatised

The Scientific Research Organisation of Samoa (S.R.O.S.) could become privately owned. A proposal to commercialize S.R.O.S. will be tabled in Cabinet for its consideration, the Minister in charge of the Organisation, Laaulialemalietoa Leuatea Schmidt told Parliament.

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FOR TAXING CHURCH MINISTERS: P.M. Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi and Minister Tialavea Tionisio Hunt.

Church Ministers and Head of State tax bill passed

Amidst strong opposition from the church, Parliament has passed a bill, which will see the Head of State and Church Ministers being taxed for the first time since Samoa became politically independent. As if to add insult to injury, all that’s needed now for the bill to officially become law is the endorsement of the highest official on the land who will soon be taxed –  his Highness the Head of State.

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BRING ON THE OPEN: The Samoa Golf Open starts today with the Pro-Am tournament at the Faleata Golf Course.

Defending champ ready for Samoa Open 2017

Defending Samoa Golf Open champion, Peter Wilson, is feeling confident ahead of the Samoa Golf Open 2017, which tees off at the picturesque Faleata Golf Course tomorrow morning.

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“The intent of my communications with your department is reassurance that there is fair competition across all suppliers of liquor imported as well as produced locally” – Manu Meredith

Business cries foul

A local businessman, Manu Meredith, has called on the Ombudsman to investigate the Ministry of Revenue over “practices regarding import and duty compliance.”  The call is revealed in a letter dated 13 February 2017 to the Ombudsman obtained by the Samoa Observer. 

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Manamea Studio: Passion and art

The Manamea Art Studio is looking to host more exhibitions following the success of their inaugural one at Vaitele last weekend. With the first one being an introduction with the theme “Who Am I”, Nikki Mariner, an artist and founder of Manamea Art Studio, said they were delighted to welcome visitors to their Studio.

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STICK WITH FAMILY: Titi Matagi from Falevao, Vaitele and Aele.

No place I’d rather be than with family

Titi Matagi is a 23-year-old from Falevao and Aele. He’s the third child of seven children and speaking to the Village Voice, Titi said he’s working on being a better youth.

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Avealalo Afaese Maligi from the village of Falevao prioritises his fatherly duties.

Know your role, father says

Know your role. As a father, it means everything you do should be about advancing the interests of your family.

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Think a Minute

Who has the last word?

Think a Minute…Someone said: “Death is the worst part of life!” A famous entertainer once said: “I’m not afraid to die, I just don’t want to be there when it happens!” Unfortunately, when it’s our time to die we don’t have any choice but to be there!


LOVING SAMOA: Emily Dunn from England has spent the past five weeks with the Samoa Observer.

The summer of a lifetime: My unforgettable experience of Samoa

At the risk of sounding cliché, five weeks ago I could never have imagined the opportunities and incredible experiences that coming to Samoa would give me.

Between the Lines


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