A very wise man

Re: Land is our inheritance from God This is a very wise man, Samoan people sill unbelievably have control of their land. This is a remarkable accomplishment considering the global order.

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Double dipping

Re: Govt. confirms V.A.G.S.T moves What a classic example of justifying the right thing to do because the bible said so, but in all truth is that; then the state and church were of the same entity.

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Not the people’s Police Commissioner

Dear Editor Re: He’s had more than enough rest Raguel, I am not sure that I agree with your assertion that the police commissioner is the people’s police commissioner.

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They’ll pay up

Dear Editor Re: $1million lawsuit against Union referred to mediation S.R.U will pay coach McGrath his $1 million dollars. Both PM Sailele and C.E.O Fepuleai were not fair in their dealings with McGrath.

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Medal policy by government - wrong

Dear Editor Re: P.M. Tuilaepa rejects call I disagree with the P.M. here. An Olympic medal of any colour is on such a higher level of prestige than a Commonwealth Games medal.

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More than prayers and church services

Dear Editor Re: Priest alleged sex scandal Ia malo uso, personally I think “serving God” is more than just praying and conducting church services.

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No need to reinvent the wheel

Dear Editor Re: Pacific tourism marketed in Europe I agree. Why not look at places that already have great success at tourism?

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Not funny, Tuilaepa

Dear Editor Re: Escaped convicts get more jail time How often do we hear about these crimes committed by those who escape from Tafaigata jail.

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War and food shortages

Dear Editor Re: Mother delighted with job to sell watermelons There is both good and bad to this story. It’s good that this woman was able to get a job for herself and make an income for her family.

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Dear parents. We need to talk about your sons

Dear parents of boys and young me, I am writing because we need to talk about your sons. All of them.

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Competition is not a foreign concept

Dear Editor, Interesting reading your article titled “P.M. says new chief another big fish.” In the article he said: “If you go to these Chinese Shops, they are always crowded by Samoans.”

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The worst deal

Dear Editor, Let me say this. The $6million loan to a Chinese businessman is robbing money belonging to all Samoans in broad daylight while everyone is watching with their eyes open.

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Leave the faifeaus alone

Dear Editor, Re: Taxing pastors The people in the Street Talk are still holding on to that respect for the Faifeaus and I applaud them for that.

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Toa owes Samoa an explanation

Dear Editor, Re: Stigmata woman returning soon What is going on here with this stigmata, Toaipuapuaga Patrick? She went to Rome and was expected to reveal 40+ messages from God to the people.

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Charge the driver

Dear Editor, Re: Puipa’a accident claims one life The Chinese man who drove the car that ran into this bus, which resulted in the death of Mr. Tanielu. P. Seinafo, should be charged for negligent driving causing death.

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Bank and our customary lands

Dear Editor, Re: A.D.B expands presence in Samoa This is the same A.D.B that is in partnership with the H.R.P.P. to take all of Samoa’s Customary Land.

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A game of brinkmanship

Dear Editor, Re: Samoa just cannot win I love Mr. Big Brain Stui’s negotiation style; when First Solar asks to maintain the terms of an enforceable contract, he calls the company greedy.

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The real issue with S.N.P.F’s lending

Dear Editor, Thank you Mata’afa for your editorial about the government’s big brains. The blatant disregard for truth and honesty in the government’s lending practices requires no brain sense to know and understand.

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Re: Election candidate refutes These court cases the H.R.P.P. uses to eliminate their opponents before the election so they can run unopposed. This is just blatant electoral rigging.

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Only Sunday’s income

Re: Taxing pastors The number of pastors in Samoa would rival the number of people working in the public sector. Yet every single public servant has to pay taxes (except the Head of State up until now).

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Another blunder? Or is it desperation?

The government’s announcement that the Overseas Medical Referral Programme (O.M.R.P.) has now been extended to India – with the likelihood of New Zealand being totally excluded - would without a doubt raise eyebrows.

Street Talk

Ruta, 45

What changes in the police ministry are needed?

The Police Commissioner, Fuiavailili Egon Keil has finally returned to work following a long suspension and an appearance in court. Now that he’s resumed his position, Sina Filifilia Sevaaetasi hit the streets of Apia asking the question “Is there a need to have changes in the police force?”

Think a Minute

Goose or gull?

Think a minute…One of my favorite birds to watch is the beautiful white seagull. It looks so graceful and gentle floating on the soft sea breezes. But looks can be deceiving.


Should we punish all juvenile criminals like adults?

Samoan youth throughout years have been so well-mannered that there was an unlikelihood of any sort of crime sprouting up.

Between the Lines


JUST CURIOUS A friend of BTL was looking through the coaching staff for the Samoa A team that’s in Fiji right now.

Sunday Reading

Myths and Legends of the Ancient World

The horsemen left King Giuki’s burg at dawn, riding out through the forest to the distant mountains beyond.

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