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Mata'afa Keni Lesa

Thinking about love and compassion

Everyday after we read the Village Voice section of this newspaper, these words immediately come to mind. Love, mercy and compassion.

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, Re: Give to Caesar what belongs to him “What happened to the lauded “sanctuary” my man?” And what happened to a single question I asked and you couldn’t answered?

Dear Editor, Re: A faifeau is not God How do you know God created tax? Can you read His mind?

Dear Editor, Re: Father worries about the future of youth Good article with many good points. I disagree though that the parents aren’t to blame.


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Jorim-Paul Phillips

Do you like your world?

Every day, social media, the news and television bombard us with both facts and fiction on different events happening worldwide.

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Layton Lolo

Dreams and fantasy

Far over The misty mountains call Through dungeons deep

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Ariel Fana’afi Ioane

Post mortem

So, the good news is you actually can live forever. The bad news is, you have to turn into a floating blob of jelly first.

Between the Lines

JUST CURIOUS A friend of BTL was looking through the coaching staff for the Samoa A team that’s in Fiji right now.

WHAT A TEASER! If the Samoa Rugby Union needed some publicity for the upcoming game to be held at Apia Park later in the year, the Auckland Blues rugby side gave it to them by defeating the Melbourne Rebels 56-18 on Thursday night.

We really need another airline that is not affiliated to an existing one which is also flying in and out of Samoa. In other words, competition please, not a cosy relationship where you both maintain the status quo at the expense of the trapped customers

Think a Minute

Think a minute…In a U.S. national spelling contest, an 11-year-old girl was asked to spell a certain word.

Street Talk

What changes in the police ministry are needed?

The Police Commissioner, Fuiavailili Egon Keil has finally returned to work following a long suspension and an appearance in court. Now that he’s resumed his position, Sina Filifilia Sevaaetasi hit the streets of Apia asking the question “Is there a need to have changes in the police force?”

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