Executive members and volunteers of the S.V.S.G. Juniors.

‘It takes a village to raise a child’

Executive members and volunteers of the S.V.S.G. Juniors, the youth sub-group of Samoa Victim Support Group, are fronting an outreach programme, highlighting the important role played by each communities within a village, in raising a child.  

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LEARN ON YOUR OWN: Ropene Fa’anofo, of Fagalii.

You’ve got to help yourself first

Being your own boss is a blessing. So says Ropene Fa’anofo from Fagalii, regarding his situation; not only as a single man but also someone with a job.

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HAPPY SELLING: Rosita Tau’aina of Toamua and Puipa’a.

It takes two to make a relationship work

The goal in any relationship is not to think alike, but to work and think together. That is Rosita Tau’aina’s motto in her marriage.

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THE BROOMS MAN: Tele’a Tele’a, 28, of Faleasiu.

Man capitalises on opportunity

Make the most of the gifts you have. Whatever that is, you must work hard to ensure you are blessed by it.

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MAN OF IDEAS: Tone Amituana’i, 31, of Falevao and Samata Savai’i.

Planter talks about shifting farming to another level

Samoa might be blessed with fertile soil but subsistence farmers need a helping hand to cultivate the soil so that it becomes cash cow.

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NETBALL HELP: C.E.O Netball Samoa Rosemarie Esera, Gaualofa Matalavea and C.E.O of G.C.A, Tuala Siaki Tuala.

$5,000 for Netball Samoa

The Samoa Sports Lotto has extended a helping hand to the Samoa Under 21 Netball Team’s preparations for the World Cup in Botswana, Africa.

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TEAM ENVIROBASSADORS: Helping in keeping Samoa a clean place.

Samoa’s Envirobassadors on the move

Working together to keep Samoa clean. You’ve heard many say this but we all know that actions speak louder than words.

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SUPPORTING S.B.E.C: Ieti Sanerivi, Alatina Ioelu, Leaupepe Esera, Makilua Puniani, Melinda Brown and Ana Ula.

Bluesky backs small businesses

The small businesses are the livelihood of locals and with minimal barriers to starting; many operators have a wealth of opportunity to trade and operate in a flexible environment. 

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MINISTER OF REVENUE: Tialavea Tionisio Hunt.

Surprised audit uncovers dishonesty

The “dishonesty” of some businesses has sparked an unexpected audit of their financial statements.  “One company filed for losses yet we uncovered their taxes amounted to millions. This was very dishonest.” 

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Small businesses take big strides in Apia

The 2017 Small Business Enterprise Centre (S.B.E.C.). Trade Fair was officially opened yesterday morning in front of the government building. The two day event will culminate with the inaugural S.B.E.C Awards programme tonight at Taumeasina Island Resort.

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OLYMPIC MEDAL MOMENT: Having secured Samoa’s first Olympic medal with Ele Opeloge, Tuaopepe Jerry Wallwork said his goal now is to go one better and win gold.

Global role for local Tuaopepe

The President and the Coach of the Samoa Weightlifting Federation, Tuaopepe Asiata Jerry Wallwork, has landed a leading role in the development of weightlifting worldwide. He has been selected as a Board member of the Executive Board of the International Weightlifting Federation (I.W.F) as well as the Chairman of I.W.F’s Coaching and Research Committee.

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SETTLING MATTERS IN COURT: Associate Minister of the Ministry of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Peseta Vaifou Tevaga and Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, La’aulialemalietoa Leuatea Polata’ivao.

Lawyer seeks Court’s discretion

Lawyer Leuluaiali’i Olinda Woodroffe has asked for the Court’s discretion to allow for three additional witnesses in the hearing of a lawsuit filed against a Cabinet Minister and his business associates.

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Nation mourns Seiuli’s passing

Samoa has a lost a national character. Today, families, friends and everyone whose lives were touched by Seiuli Alan Alo Vaai are mourning his passing away. On social media last night, mourners across the globe paid tribute to a leader whose talents and work ethics were nothing short of inspiring.

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S.N.P.F., C.E.O: Pauli Prince Suhren.

S.N.P.F. injects $35.4m into economy

There is great news for contributors of the Samoa National Provident Fund. Yesterday, the Chief Executive Officer of the S.N.P.F., Pauli Prince Suhren, announced a 7.2 per cent interest for this year. What that means is that starting from 1 July 2017, thousands of members will have a bit more cash in their hands to spend. 

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SIGN ON IT: Chief Executive with the Ministry of Prime Minister and Cabinet Agafili Shem Leo and M.C.I.L’.s Chief Executive Pulotu Lyndon Chu Lin at the signing ceremonies for Upolu village representatives.

Regional Seasonal Workers scheme set to expand

Samoans may soon work as seasonal workers in New Zealand’s tourism and fisheries industries.

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HELPING HAND: C.E.O Seumanu Douglas Ngau Chun with representatives of Samoa International Finance Authority, Tapuitea Lafaialii-Petaia, Manager Business Development Division and Alofa Crawley, Senior Business Development Officer, B.D.U.

S.I.F.A. invests in future leaders

Leadership Samoa has welcomed Samoa International Finance Authority (S.I.F.A.) to its family of sponsors. 

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GET YOUR PRIORITIES RIGHT: Fa’anati Faleo’o, 40, Solosolo and  Sapapali’i Savai’i.

Single man prioritises father

Fa’anati Faleo’o from the village of Solosolo says life is difficult. But when you get your priorities right, it gets a little easier. 

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Farming life is all I have: Reupena Unapo from Falefa and Palauli Savaii.

Reupena values life as a farmer

Working as a farmer is an amazing thing. It means that you’re one of the few people that still care about the Samoan way of life.

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CLOSER TO FARM BUT FAR FROM WATER: Miti Fa’anafu, 62, of Falevao.

We desperately need water

Clean water is a basic necessity for survival. Yet that is something Miti Fa’anafu of Falevao can only dream of in 2017.

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WORK TO FEED MY FAMILY: Toa Auga’e of Faleula-uta with street vendors.

Injured father settles for selling niu

Some people find excuses to take days off from work but that’s not the case for Toa Auga’e of Faleula-uta.

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Think a Minute

Two become one

Think a minute… An African man who had three wives asked his Irish friend who had only one wife, this question: “Do you like your wife?” His Irish friend replied: “I like her very much!” The African man shook his head and said very sadly: “I don’t like any of mine.”


LOVING SAMOA: Emily Dunn from England has spent the past five weeks with the Samoa Observer.

The summer of a lifetime: My unforgettable experience of Samoa

At the risk of sounding cliché, five weeks ago I could never have imagined the opportunities and incredible experiences that coming to Samoa would give me.

Between the Lines


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