FUN DAY: S.V.S.G. children celebrating World Children’s Day.

A day for the world’s children

Children are gifts from God. Parents are seen as the protectors of children in this world. Yet some children are no longer safe with their own parents and within their own homes. 

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THE REALITY OF KIRIBATI: When Teaoraereke flooded, the seawater picked up human and animal waste and tainted the wells that provide local drinking water.

Kiribati calls for positive action

Actions with impact are a critical task of the Climate Change Conference of Parties (C.O.P. 23). Kiribati President, Beretitenti Taneti Manama made this statement during the Climate Change conference in Bonn, Germany. 

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END OF YEAR FESTIVITIES: Youngsters from 32 pre-schools had the time of their lives at a 'Day of Fun' at the Samoa Football Federation Field, Tuanaimato.

Pre-schoolers having a ball

Despite the rain yesterday, children from 32 pre-schools turned out in numbers for a ‘Day in the Sun. The event, supported by the Sinaupualofa Trust, was held at the Samoa Football Federation Field at Tuanaimato. Director of Sinaupualofa Trust, Kuinimeri Tamati said the idea behind Day in the Sun was to create an opportunity for children to gather and enjoy a day of fun. 

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Samoa Airways.

Samoa Airways clarifies fare structure

Samoa Airways has moved to clarify that they still issue the lowest airfares in the country and the 599 tala roundtrip was just for their Christmas specials. This is according to Samoa Airways Marketing Manager, Dwayne Bentley, in response to questions from the Samoa Observer. 

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JAIL: Vitale Iakopo saying goodbye to his wife yesterday after receiving a 15 year sentence for raping his wife’s younger sisters.

Rapist gets 15 years

“A breach of trust is unacceptable and the court will take a tough stand against this type of offending in the efforts to eradicate it. "There is a Samoan saying, ‘A malu i fale, e malu foi i fafo’ which means: ‘If you are safe in your family, you will also be safe outside’. “I sincerely hope that young girls of Samoa are safe.”

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A LEGEND AT LEGENDS CAFE: Internationally-renowned, contemporary, Pacific artist, Papalii Fatu Feu'u plans to talk about the role of Arts in Samoan society.

'Making the Invisible Visible' - The Pacific Arts Association Conference

This year’s Pacific Arts Association Conference which opens next Monday 27th promises to be rich in selections not just for the arts enthusiasts, but for those interested in tapping into their creative sides.

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Pulotuila Taililino Pulotu (top-middle) with members of her family displaying her awards at the Samoa Observer premises.

Delighted dux honours father

Thirteen-year-old Pulotuila Taililino Topeni was announced the 2017 dux of St Joseph’s Primary School at Le’auva’a yesterday. She is the daughter of Tipeni Topeni and the Late Samuelu Topeni from the village of Vaitele-Uta.

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GOOD FRIENDS: Retired Manu Samoa Vili Alalatoa (right) with Attorney General Lemalu Herman Retzlaff.

Retired Manu Samoa backs Samoa Airways

Retired Manu Samoa Vili Alalatoa is two hundred per cent behind the resurrection of the national pride, Samoa Airways. Enjoying his retirement in Sydney Australia, Alalatoa who played for his country of birth in 53 internationals from 1988 until the 1991 World Cup, is travelling to Apia for a family reunion later this month on Samoa Airways.

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PRESENTATION:  Kevin Schuster of EMD presents.

Raising awareness about cyber bullying

The cyber bullying workshop organised by the Samoa Fa’afafine Association (S.F.A.) has been hailed a success. Held last week Saturday, the workshop was considered a milestone achievement for S.F.A. because it brought out in numbers the young members of the association between the ages of16 and 40.

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HARD WORKING FATHER: Sani Howard of Palisi.

It’s all about my children, Father of three says

Nothing worth having comes easy. And we all have to do what’s best for us and our families no matter what. This is the very reason Sani Howard works hard every day.

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Samoa first celebrated World Toilet Day in 2011.

Samoa Celebrates World Toilet Day

Samoa yesterday celebrated World Toilet Day with the theme “Water and Sanitation in a changing Environment”.  The celebration was held at the Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi Conference centre in Apia.

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Avamu’a Mata’u, from the village of Faleula.

Hard work and attitude key to life, says elderly father

Life is not that hard if we change our attitude about work. This is the belief of Avamu’a Mata’u, 70, from the village of Faleula. He said for a country like Samoa, you just have to work hard so you could provide for your family.

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HARD TIMES: Legalo Fetaia’i

‘We used to stretch $10 for three days’

The Samoa of decades ago is not the same today. It’s easy enough to see, says 49-year-old Legalo Fetaia’i from the village of Faleula-Uta. Over the years, he has seen how things have changed.

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Mother shares about poverty and money problems

Poverty is an issue faced by many families in Samoa today. For one Fuga Uelese, she is not ashamed to say it. The mother of six tells the Village Voice life has become so much harder especially with the lack of money.

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Sairah Walsh, Dylan Vernon and their one-and-half-year-old son, Eli.

Couple keen to find out more about Samoan way of life

The greatest part of any memorable adventure is spending it with family. And when you’re in Samoa with your loved ones, a cold niu at hand is the best way to celebrate and cherish those moments.

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Michael O’Neil

Samoan culture impresses visitor

Michael O’Neil has only been in Samoa for two days and he is already in love with beautiful Samoa. Talking to Dear Tourist yesterday, the 52-year-old said he was not here for a holiday but for work purpose.

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Member of Parliament Olo Fiti Vaai.

M.P. queries Govt. over state of passport investigation

Member of Parliament, Olo Fiti Vaai, is worried. He is concerned that so far there has been no solid information as to what action the Ministry of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (M.P.M.C.) has taken since evidence was provided that someone is “selling Samoan passports” online.

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GREAT MEMORIES: Geoff and Barbara Hodinnot’s wedding in Samoa.

Australian author of Samoan adventures returns to paradise

During the early stages of the Australian recession in the late 1980s, one Australian couple decided to live life to the fullest and set sail in search for the concept of paradise which led them to Samoa.

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Deacon Falaniko Tamiano, Reverend Taunimo Satoa, Deacon Kasiano Leaupepe, Siliniu Lina Chang (President of SVSG) and Father Eteuati Vui from Siusega Parish.

Generous act out of love

The Catholic Church at Si’usega has generously presented clothes and agriculture produce to the Campus of Hope at Tuana’imato.

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Lauofo Pierre Lauofo.

Former deputy P.M. appeals conviction

The Supreme Court has reserved its decision regarding an appeal by the former deputy Prime Minister against his conviction, RNZ reported yesterday.

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Think a Minute

Mothers and sons

Think a minute…Thomas Edison is one of history’s greatest inventors with more than 1,000 inventions and patents to his name. It is interesting that he gives much of the credit to his mother.


FACE OF THE MOMENT: N.Z. Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern.

The N.Z. connection and capitalism with an ugly face

New Zealand, a member of the Pacific family of nations, has an exemplary record in the development and the maintenance of democratic governance in its modern history.

Between the Lines


LEARNING THE AIRLINES LINGO Heard the term “close in bookings”? Chances are, you are one of the many Samoans who fall into that category used by airlines to describe your booking when you travel.

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