Your lack of understanding is mindboggling

Dear Editor, Re: a Bunch of Hogwash Wendy, your lack of understanding of simple mathematics is truly mindboggling! You keep quoting this instance of 5 H.R.P.P candidates running as a significant factor in the return of the government. This is faulty logic and, if anything, the example disproves your theory.

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Government lacks leadership qualities

Dear Editor, Re: What dictatorship? Samoa is a democracy The present Deputy P.M. was among a few decent members of H.R.P.P’s opposition side in the Fono. They effectively held the P.M’s feet to the fire with his policies.

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The reality

Dear Editor, Re: P.M. talks about stability and future Creating stability by amending the Constitution to favor one Party is dictatorship. Being too friendly with International Corporations can undermine the best interest of the indigenous people and therefore create social instability in any society.

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Parliamentary report an old record

Dear Editor Re: What dictatorship? Samoa is a democracy! And depends on which democracy you are blowing hot air about. The question being; is Samoa Observer really operating democratically?

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What’s keeping Tuilaepa in there?

Dear Editor, It is easily forgotten by some that if the H.R.P.P. did not want Tuilaepa as their leader, they could easily get rid of him from the Prime Ministership. It is very easy to sack him from his post as Prime Minister.

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Check out the behaviour

Dear Editor Re: What dictatorship? Samoa is a democracy! I think the P.M and P.S. have completely lost their marbles. The history of this P.M is filled with dictatorship behavior. There are so many stories about him threatening member of his cabinet if they disagreed with a proposed new bill.

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Violating the people’s trust?

Dear Editor Re: What dictatorship? Samoa is a democracy! The present Deputy PM was among a few decent members of HRPP’s opposition side in the Fono.

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Ok give us water first

Dear Editor Re: Farmer calls for more international markets Rural farmers need to be informed about what’s available in terms of funding support.

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What a surprise?

Dear Editor It is very surprising to find out that a former A.C.E.O. who had been forced to resign because of his abusive and corrupt system used in managing the division he ran has now been recruited to a high profile global organization task force.

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Politics is about change

Dear Editor As of late, the Parliament unanimously agree to limit the incumbency of the Head of State for two five years term, only to backfire by the front door of the Prime Minister.

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A bunch of hogwash

Dear Editor Re: What dictatorship? Samoa is a democracy! I think your Prime Minister is talking a bunch of hogwash. How would any one know how others would run things if the dictator in chief can pick and choose which parts of the British parliamentary system he wishes to use to justify his actions.

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Gap between rich and poor

Dear Editor Re: Address hardship and poverty To be even more specific it’s the growing gap between the haves and the have nots in Samoa as well as globally that’s causing the problem.

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He can’t do everything

Dear Editor Re: P.M. on Samoan rugby How can the P.M. be involved in sports? It’s an independent organisation and no wonder why the rugby team never succeeds.

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Baby Manu are local players with world class performance

Dear Editor, Today Samoa has a thousand and one reasons to be delighted! Thousands of miles away from home, the baby Manu Samoa did not let loneliness, distance, and the grandeur of occasion distract them from capturing the elusive gold at the Youth Commonwealth Games in the Bahamas.

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Time to look at the mirror

Dear Editor I found your editorial titled “The bizarre and the ugly” interesting. This is Samoa. Not how I want it to be or how better it could be. Not the ideal but the real. Incest, murder and a nice cup of koko esi. We can find it in Samoa. Like it or not, it’s here.

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The reality in Samoa’s elections

Dear Editor Re: What are you talking about? All your arguments are just repeats of the usual Wendy Wonderful Diatribe Channel. Therefore, I will just refer you to my previous posts for your enlightenment.

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Grow our own solutions

Dear Editor Re: Manu Samoa’s post mortem begins We can solve all these issues when we develope our own juniors, at the GRASSROOT level (Falealupo - Aleipata) As per my previous posts these are doable tasks, not easy though but it’s permanent solution.

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No more kings

Dear Editor Re: You’re digging your own grave With all due respect, there are no more kings or queens in Samoa, those days are over. There are however, Tama Aiga and as the constitution was amended some years ago for five year terms only for a council elected HOS, the previous HOS had his tenure and an additional 5 years.

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Revolution of love

Dear Editor Re: Prayers keep Samoa peaceful Will prayer alone deal with corruption? Clearly it won’t. Corruption must be dealt with.

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What are you talking about?

Dear Editor Re: Parliament in Samoa You don’t know what you are talking about. Those system that you are referring to as presidential are just dictatorships. The parliamentary system in the way it is set up can be a dictatorship because of party discipline, which is what they all have.

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The questions we need to be answering

This much is undeniable. In Samoa today, we see so much evil. Just like there is in the world where we see the endless struggle between good and bad. Everyday we read and see stories of murders, rape, incest, robberies and all sorts of petty crimes being committed left right and centre.

Street Talk

Esera Tu’iala

Opinions turn away from rugby

Should the old pattern of the Samoa Rugby Union decision-making be followed and the Manu Samoa coach be sacked? Some of our former coaches were let go for fewer than four losses in a row. Ilia Likou asked the general public yesterday for their opinions and she got some surprising responses.

Think a Minute

Your biggest bank account

Think a minute…Imagine every morning that somebody put $86,400 in your bank account; then every night, whatever you did not spend that day was taken out of your account and burned. I’m quite certain you would spend every cent of your $86,400 every single day—so none of it is thrown away and destroyed!


Remarks from the Commonwealth Broadband Pacific forum

The Chief Guest, Her Excellency Honourable Fiame Naomi Mata’afa, Acting Prime Minister of Samoa; Deputy Prime Minister of Tonga, Hon. Siaosi Sovaleni; Hon. Ministers; Dr. Shola Taylor, Secretary General of CTO; Mr. Sione Veikoso, President of PITA; Excellencies and members of the diplomatic corps; Distinguished speakers; participants; ladies and gentlemen.

Between the Lines


LEARNING FROM OTHERS Oh no! First we got a lesson in rugby success from the visiting Flying Fijians and now we have to swallow our pride and learn from their successful airline, Fiji Airways.

Sunday Reading

WATER POWER TOP-UP INITIATIVE: The Prime Minister's response confirms that the government will keep the best interest of the country and may revisit the initiative.

Govt. receptive to Water Power System

Government has taken on board suggestions for a Water Power top-up initiative identical to the Cash Power top-up for electricity.

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