WORK TOGETHER: Alatupe Nikolao of Eva.

Mother calls for unity to tackle social ills

Concerns about the rise in crime in Samoa need to be addressed. So says Alatupe Nikolao from the village of Eva.

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Father makes use of talents: Lauoletole Pelite of Luatuanu’u.

Use whatever tool that’s with you

Everyone has been blessed with different skills to look after themselves and their loved ones.

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Need water for everyday needs: Tasileta Limu from Fusi, Safata.

One mother’s plea for water

Water is the driving force of all nature and yet it’s one of the basics people in Samoa are struggling to get. 

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Sopo Vasasou from the village of Leusoalii.

We all need water

Sopo Vasasou, from the village of Leusoalii is one of the many people that are in desperate need of water.

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Just some of the children at the start of our Come & Try Badminton.

“Time to play badminton” at Savaia-tai!

Savaia-tai, Lefaga is renowned for its Giant Clams Marine Protected Area and pristine oceans overseen by a very organised and highly effective Village Council and Women’s Committee.

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Adrian Reid, Jody Toelafoa, Fiti Leung Wai, Michael Scott, Aumua Ming Leung Wai with Tapunu’uomanu Roger Warren.

Suppliers enjoy S.S.A.B’s hospitality

They say all good things must come to an end.

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President of the Savaii Samoa Tourism Association Tupa’i Saleimoa Vaai.

Savai’i ready to host their first Fishing tourney

The big island of Savai’i is ready to host its first Game Fishing tournament from 2nd May until 4th May 2017.

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PM Tuilaepa opens S.I.G.F.A international tournament.

P.M. sends anglers on their way

Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi gave the all clear yesterday morning to a glorious day of fishing in Samoa’s pristine waters.

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OFFICIALS: The officials at M.C.I.L. discussion at the Tuutuuileloloto Hall.

Competition encouraged, but say no to collusion

The government is moving to establish Samoa’s Competition and Consumer Commission.

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TALKING CABLE: Minister, Afamasaga Rico Tupa’i and Samoa Submarine Cable Company’s representative, Jean Louis Lamy yesterday.

Cable Survey vessel in Apia

The Survey Vessel, Geo Explorer, arrived in Apia yesterday to conduct its water survey in connection to the submarine Cable at Apia, Tuasivi and then American Samoa.

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Rev. Roma Enosa, Enosa, Marie Bentin To’alepaialii, Rhema Enosa and a representatives of SENESE.

Autism awareness in rural Samoa

April is Autism month and the team at SENESE is making sure people living with the condition know they are appreciated and loved – and that parents know they have a responsibility.

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The victim’s mother is charged as a party in the case presided over by Supreme Court Justice, Vui Clarence Nelson.

Cop queried in child sex hearing

Despite standing policies in the Ministry of Police, which prohibits witnesses statements from being reviewed by suspects during investigation stages, Police Constable Kuini Sitivi said she gave in to a plea by the mother accused by her daughters in a sex case. 

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CABLE COMPANY CHAIR: Pepe Christian Fruean.

Change in Cable Chair role mooted

The Chairmanship role of the Samoa Submarine Cable Company (S.S.C.C) could be changed – if the Board deems it necessary.

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PROSECUTOR: Satiu Simativa Perese.

Lawyer discredits Court’s decision as appeal begins

Judge Fepulea’i Ameperosa Roma’s decision to acquit the former Director of the National Prosecution Office (N.P.O), Mauga Precious Chang, of traffic related charges, was “plainly wrong.”

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Can we at least get water to ease our way of living?  Matu’u File of Savaia, Lefaga.

Low pay is bad, no water is worse

In the village of Savaia, Lefaga,  Matu’u File, 31 and his family struggle to get on with their lives.  

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Pasi Titania from Leauva’a believes we should all be strong.

It’s up to us, says Pasi

Pasi Titania from Leauva’a is a 49 year old mother of four who stays home and looks after her younger children while her husband and some of her children worked to earn money for their family

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A FATHER AND MOTHER TO HIS CHILDREN: Ioane Su’a Vise of Tanumapua.

Most things are provided by nature

“I think every family is doing the best they can to work the lands to get what they want and to make money.” - Ioane Su’a Vise

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CHILDREN ARE GOD’S GIFTS: Faau’uga Setefano from Leauva’a and Manase, Savaii.

New Zealand is our future

“As a mother, it is my job every day to make sure that my kid’s are attending school to learn new things for them in the future and also for them to know what is up ahead because it it’s our dream for our kids to have a better life.” - Faau’uga Setefano

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GENEROUS DONATION: The three water tanks worth 1,500 tala.

Good Samaritan moved to help the less fortunate

Three water tanks worth $500 each have gone to three lucky families. Their stories in the Village Voice feature of the Samoa Observer, described their need for help which has been generously answered.

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FOR OPERATIONAL COSTS: Mailo Potu  Leavasa with the owner of J&F Enterprises , Jack Huang  (centre) and his staff.

Business community helps build Samoan rugby

It’s no secret, Samoan Rugby is in the rebuilding stage. As the players continue to put their bodies on the line for the country, businesses in Samoa have stepped in to help on the financial side.  

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Think a Minute

Blind spots

Think a minute…How’s your eyesight and vision? A famous blind woman once said: “It’s better to be blind and see with your heart, than to have two good eyes and not see yourself as you truly are.”


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The righteous thing The Ministry of Revenue is not the most popular of government Ministries right now. That’s for sure.

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