Let’s help our own people first

Dear Editor Re: Refugees talk in Samoa First of all to anyone who has at least one drop of *True Samoa Love*, or a drop of *Samoa Integrity*, you would not be talking about how to “properly assist refugees” because the Simple truth is, there are enough people in Samoa, right now, suffering from serious “poverty problems” such as health poverty, or financial poverty…enough to keep any humanitarian busy for the next 100 years.

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Tuilaepa’s replacement

Dear Editor, Re: Playground politics as the P.M. returns Thank you Marj Moore for your editorial. Succession planning to smooth leadership changes is part of the mature planning behind mature political parties full of mature people.

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What’s happening is scary

Dear Editor, Re: Say no to refugees Samoa is not a sovereign country anymore. They are under the mandate of the UN now with their One world order BS.

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Dealing with drunk drivers

Dear Editor, They should get jail time if they drink and drive. Zero tolerance. The people who drink and drive are wielding a weapon and should receive the harshest punishment.

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Opposition party and Parliament

Dear Editor, Re: Playground politics “But here’s a thought”. “Have we got an Opposition Party forming within the H.R.P.P.? Given that we don’t have one outside to keep the governing party honest, maybe that would not be such a bad thing.”

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S.R.U., excuse me, no hypocrisy please

Dear Editor, Reading the news, I am saddened to hear what the S.R.U C.E.O Fepulea’i had to say regarding the sacking of the former Sevens manager;

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Stay away

Re: M.P. slams Tietjens over Union, ex-Manager row Politicians should stop poking their noses into the affairs of the rugby union unless they are trying to find sponsors for it.

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Time to close shop

Re: Samoan rugby and bankruptcy What Samoa needs is to close shop, this will heal the heartache and the headache of our people.

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It just doesn’t make sense

Re: Say no to refugees It doesn’t make sense that developing and underdeveloped countries are ‘bullied’ by the United Nations to take up refugees. The means of support are not there, and it would exacerbate domestic socio-economic issues instead.

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Laws enable the wealthy

Dear Editor Re: Exploitation hurts You are so correct. Of course you have seen this from your place in the world. I have seen this in Latin America. It is despicable what the wealthy nations do to the poor nations.

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Say no to refugees

Dear Editor, Re: Refugees talk in Samoa Wow, are you people stupid? Has anyone seen the result of refugees in Europe?

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The humiliation of a woman manager

Dear Editor, Re: Revolving door and the Union’s legal woes Theresa Passi should have adhered to the principles of what the duty statements, for the position as Manager of the Samoa Sevens entailed. Theresa went above and beyond her call of duties, by doing jobs that was not within her scope of responsibilities.

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The logic

Re: Rugby Union struggles with $1million debt Your response just shows how you know nothing. An 8,000 capacity stadium means less seats to make money for teams using the stadium.

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Exploitation hurts

Re: Why countries remain poor Because the rich and powerful countries exploit them, and invade them when they fail to play ball.

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Smoke and mirrors

Re: Election talks in Samoa This is just smoke and mirror, window dressing, political construct hiding behind their true intentions.

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Wake up Samoa

Re: U.N. moves This political organization is now moving to the heart of Samoa..

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Stop it people

Re: Mother speaks up for Parker Well said. Our people need to stop criticizing others but stand together to support each other. It’s sad that some don’t even think that families hurt by their criticisms.

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All so interesting

Re: Acting P.M. issues reassurance This is all so interesting seeing as the popular spin of certain people on here is that everyone in the party loves Tuilaepa as their leader.

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What we can do

Re: Contradictions of the world Ropati V, I think self-sufficiency is our path forward. With the blessing of this rich land from our ancestors, the rest of the world could utterly fail financially and Samoa would prosper.

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Time to discuss these reports

Re: “At the end of day, S.L.C. paid $490,000 for an expensive broken down elevator” The latest O.P.C Reports are due now to be discussed in the Palemene but the H.R.P.P do not have the political will to appear to debate them.

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Men, you have been warned!

One of the most bizarre incidents to have surfaced in this place we call home reared its ugly head last week. It did when a story titled “Angry wife pours boiling water on sleeping husband” was published on the front page of your Samoa Observer last Wednesday.

Street Talk

Fa’afetai Timo, 29

Questions over sports administration

The administration of sports in Samoa has come under the microscope once more. American-based Samoan Sprinter, Jeremy Dodson, has raised serious questions about the way sports are run. “From the three years I have represented Samoa, I have seen officials do nothing but get free trips, trips spent lounging in sponsored hotels while athletes eat processed food,” he said. “I have seen officials get elected not off merits, but friendships.

Think a Minute

Hard Habit to Break

Think a minute…Are you in the habit of putting salt on your food? Maybe you have a habit of thinking you’re not smart and that you’ll never succeed in life. Don’t forget, your habits control your life. What we keep doing every day becomes our life!


The entire shoreline of the beach just a few feet before her, was completely sullied by fragments of rubbish.

The Sullied Coast

The tropical heart was unendurable. Beyond the seldom cloudy, blue horizon, the sun stood undeterred at the sky’s apex. For three Alaskan tourists, this was a whole new experience from the arctic climes they have adapted to since they were children.

Between the Lines


DEPENDS WHICH SIDE YOU’RE ON Does that adage "one swallow make a summer" apply to football? If you’re an Aussie rugby fan and have been waiting for a win for yonks, it’s a resounding yes.

Sunday Reading

OUR HERO IS HOME: Our very own W.B.O. Heavyweight Champion visits the sick children and bringing them smiles of which were signs of temporary relief.

When a World Champion drops by

The smiles on their faces said it all. Although many of them were in pain, W.B.O heavyweight champion, Lupesoliai Laauli Joseph Parker, brought temporary relief when he paid an unexpected visit on Friday.

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