When the church stops all alofa

Dear Editor, Re: Church ready to face consequences Another interesting point Rev. Vavatau mentioned in the same interview is the possibility that the church might stop the alofas for faifeaus. What will be taxed if this happens?

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Handling claims of corruption

Dear Editor, Re: P.M. blasts small-minded people Tuilaepa said when claims of wrongdoing surface, they have policies to deal with them. “We carry out an investigation and then we await the outcome of that investigation.”

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In support of the Govt. over tax

Dear Editor Re: Church ready to face the consequences How shameful is this subject. Of course all ministers are going to agree to pay no taxes because it’s more money in their pockets. No hard feelings but has anyone noticed how fat all the ministers are becoming?

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Poisoning of dogs cruel and criminal

Dear Editor, There is a cruel and heart-breaking epidemic happening in Samoa. The epidemic is dog poisoning, which has long been a permanent, niggling stain upon Samoa’s portrayed friendly and happy-go-lucky image. Even more sinister is that these dog poisonings are usually linked to subsequent breaking, entering and theft.

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A threat on faifeaus is a threat on every Samoan

Dear Editor, What did we say Samoa? This government has become so desperate its now threatening its own people. The devil has stripped his suit and exposed his dirty, smelly undergarments and it aint pretty. Their ugliness has now been exposed for all to see.

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Try stopping it

Re: Govt. looks to minimise flood vulnerability Instead of “alleviating” the floods, how about “stopping” them altogether? “Alleviating” means it will still flood but instead of damages costing $200 million, it’ll cost $100 million. What kind of objective is that?

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The day of judgment is coming

Dear Editor, Re: Defiant church ministers could lose personal assets Let’s read what Tialavea is saying: “After 14 days of no response, another assessment will be issued with an additional 10 per cent on top. After that the Government will go to their bank accounts and seize their savings.

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Ideology and the Constitution of Samoa

Dear Editor, I would like to share my views in response to your story titled “Govt. firm on tax law.” Without a doubt, we are in the next stage of the new tax law from the H.R.P.P.’s ideology, their absolute regime; the Cabinet Handbook 2011.

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Train your teachers well

Dear Editor, Re: Judge says we’re going backwards Justice Vui Clarence Nelson’s article in your edition Thurs 5 July questioning Government’s decision to allow “reasonable force” at the discretion of teachers, needs to be further clarified with a practical context.

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What doesn’t make sense to me

Dear Editor, Re: Issues in Samoa today Let’s see, Stui is an economist, accountant, financier, administrator, P.M., leader of H.R.P.P. etc and yes, I’m a nobody working as a casual worker doing odd jobs so I’m ordinary and unremarkable.

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Impressive Manu Samoa

Re: Germany ready for Manu Samoa I was really impressed with the Samoan scrum. That was where I knew the Germans would target the Manu [because it is where Samoa usually loses matches (in the set piece - scrums, lineouts, kick-offs)], but the Samoa forward pack really stood up and dominated at scrum time.

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Read some more

Re: Observing the dichotomy of Taxes and God Sorry Leituala, but you need to read more of the Orthodox History Books of the mainstream Christian Churches worldwide to help you if you want to be an informed critic of the Christian Church.

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No need to worry about Vanuatu

Re: Governor praises amendments to prevent money laundering Don’t worry about Vanuatu and its affairs Governor, Samoa is on EU blacklist already. If Vanuatu’s government was uncomfortable with their lovely country being put on a “grey list”, I can’t imagine the sensation of being listed on EU’s blacklist.

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Why we shouldn’t celebrate this

Dear Editor, Re: Israel share wealth with Samoa Why should Samoa even contemplate the idea of celebrating “Israel’s independence”? What insanity is this? Israel is an occupier and an oppressor!

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A most ignorant idea

Dear Editor, Re: That reasonable force could kill a student It is the most ignorant and most tunnel vision joke of an approach to solve a much broader issue. It is an uneducated single minded view to apply Reasonable Force as a mean of controlling and managing school children.

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Truth, objectivity and faith

Re: The truth and being objective Malo Nafanua S. Muagututi’a. The Truth is always objective! If you are thinking from the closed, biased, and narrowly construed epistemology of the Enlightenment Philosophies of the West.

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What we can do

Re: Faifeau taxes If the P.M. and his government can explain to Olo Fiti Vaai and the people of Samoa where all those millions which were not mentioned in the financial reports has gone to, then it will be fair to ask for more taxes.

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Window dressing

Re: Don’t pretend Stage production, window dressing and acting are the hallmarks of these politicians seeking to make the public think that they are debating in good faith to bring about changes for the betterment of the people.

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Victory for Samoa

Re: Manu Samoa beats Germany No wonder! The Germans are used to play with round balls. You can call that soccer. Manu Samoa is going downhill if they compare their “next level ball skills” and “played their hearts out” against Germany.

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Unacceptable customer service

Dear Editor, Common sense would tell you that one of the biggest stores in town would have a department/section to deal with customer complains. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Customer is king said Dr. Samuelson, Nobel Prize Winner in Economics.

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Why it’s crucial we appreciate these small victories

When times are tough, the celebration of victories – whatever the size - is extremely important. It will go a long way to ensure future success. The same must be said for our beloved Manu Samoa today. Their two victories over Germany, starting with the win in Apia two weeks ago, and the one in Germany yesterday morning, are moments to savour.

Street Talk

Asiata Sataraka

Public speak on vaccines controversy

The death of two one-year-old babies last Friday following their vaccination at Savai’i has led to independent investigations by authorities and galvanized debate throughout the nation. Health experts have come out defending vaccinations while urging patience until the inquiries are completed. The public was asked if they have confidence in the health system and the health of their children.

Think a Minute

Survival skill

Think a minute…It is amazing how the Jewish people have survived thousands of years as slaves, outcasts, and the despised targets of Hitler’s attempted genocide of their entire race and culture.


THE E.F.K.S. AT MALUA: The E.F.K.S. Church is standing up to the Government’s law to tax the alofa of church Ministers. File photo.

Tuila’epa and taxing the clergies

I have been watching with great interest from afar the development of this issue in our beloved country. Interestingly, many, including the highly credentialed Rev Vaiao Eteuati, have been fooled by the apparent simplicity of the issue. But I do not see the issue as simply about the clergies paying taxes.

Between the Lines


Of ‘Papa Stui’ and fa’afafines Well it looks like some customers have kicked up a big stink about McDonald’s Unisex toilet.

Sunday Reading

Rev. Dr. Upolu Lumā Vaai (PhD)

'Why a Pacific Philosophy Conference: Rewriting a Pacific Development Narrative'

On the 11-14th June 2018, the inaugural Pacific Philosophy Conference (I.P.P.C.) was held in Suva, Fiji. The Pacific Theological College, the University of the South Pacific, Pacific Islands Association of N.G.Os, and Fiji National University were the four hosting partners who sponsored the event.

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