Thanks for the laughs Mr. Hollywood

Dear Editor, My friends at the makeki always find your letters Hollywood amusing and of great entertainment value. I would encourage you to write regularly because you are our only source of amusement every time we read your letters.

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Why Samoans held back from job promotions

It is very interesting how Samoans live in NZ pull out a race card. However, if you look at where you are, then you should ask some reality questions.

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The importance Samoa’s General Price Order

Dear Editor, In especially times of Economic strife where every cent does count it is perhaps wise to have regular reference to the General Price Order. Accessible on MCIL’s website, the price order could save one a couple of tala in making purchases for products considering it clearly lays out legally established maximum prices for products being sold on the shelves of shops, supermarkets etc in Samoa.

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A peaceful and functioning government beacon for all

Dear Editor, There is no denying the dysfunctional state of affairs in our beloved country of Samoa today. What is blatantly clear is the emotional roller coaster amongst our citizens, both here at home and abroad.

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This is absurd

Re: Threat to shoot P.M. unnecessary. It’s illegal and shameful We all know that the voting system in Samoa favours the HRPP so the idea of people coming to Samoa to vote is extremely senseless to say the least.

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What have you been doing?

Re: Tourists find Samoa’s roads appalling More than thirty years of HRPP and the roads are still dodgy… what are you all doing honourable Members of Parliament?

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Understanding the Prime Minister better

Dear Editor, I write regarding a letter to the editor about Talalei Pauga. The letter writer is correct when you say a lot educated people of Samoa and around the world support this guy.

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Two wrongs doesn’t make a right

Dear Editor, Here’s a scenario: What do you do if there’s a disagreement between you and your husband or wife? Do you disrespect him/her? I don’t think so! I’m sure you’ll talk it out as mature people. People with morals and virtue, which is respect of course to each other’s differences.

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People have different pain tolerance levels

Re: Threat to shoot the P.M. unnecessary With all due respect, more than thirty years of abuse and government misbehaving has reached its tolerance limits. Yes, we are individually endowed with different personality characteristics, albeit our pristine Samoan moral upbringings.

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A lot of hot air

Re: Threat to shoot the P.M. unnecessary The H.R.P.P. and the P.M. are elected democratically at every election, elections where 40% of Parliament is chucked out of office by the way. Those foreigners online who keep getting brainwashed and hurl insults, should put up or shut up.

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Why don’t we get China to fix the roads?

Dear Editor Re: Samoa’s poor roads To be fair, that west coast road is atrocious. There has been planning and consultations and more planning and more consultations about that road for years now and still nothing has been completed.

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P.M. is the king of belittling people

Dear Editor, Re: Such a terribly meaning statement is unbecoming of you It’s never a fair battle isn’t it? The Prime Minster used words such as “setting an atomic bomb on the petitions of some Savaii villages which he later defended as a figure of speech.

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It takes courage to report both sides

Dear Editor Re: Such a terribly meaning statement is unbecoming of you I applaud the Samoa Observer for being able to be observant and report both sides. I don’t always agree with the reported spin on certain topics but it takes a courageous paper to report both sides especially in this era of oppressive government censorship of free speech in Samoa as has become so evidently clear with the arrest of King Faipopo.

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Good on you La’auli Leuatea!

Dear Editor, Re: Total control of Samoa If the rules of the HRPP are to eject anyone who disagrees with the party (PM’s) line, then that is their right. Full marks to La’auli to stand up for what he believes; it is what is expected of a publically elected representative.

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Get Ma’a Nonu and Steven Luatua

Dear Editor, Re: Interest in the Manu Samoa It would be great to have Steven Luatua and Victor Vito in Samoa’s forward pack. Having Peter Saili, Christian Leali’ifano, Maa Nonu and Isaiah Toeava in the backline would be awesome.

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Ready to die for the cause? Why then did you chuck the pig’s head, dog food and ran?

Dear Editor, I write regarding your editorial titled: “P.M’s fear, pig head thrower and charge against King Faipopo. What a great fun.” Certainly fun to you and for me Sir but others might think not.

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Respect is earned

Re: P.M. deserves respect If only all of you speaking for the PM would know what we know. Yes, respect is needed, but when the leader loses the trust, honor, and faith of his people then he doesn’t deserve respect!

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Such a terribly meaning statement is unbecoming of you

Dear Editor, Your editorial in the 27th January 2019 Sunday Samoan which included among other things your front page article, “Editor rejects P.M’s claim,” seems to criticize the Prime Minister for not verbally answering your paper’s questions.

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People voted you in

Re: P.M. adamant Laauli sacked himself People voted you all ladies and gentlemen into Parliament. But then the party leadership, nearly all but one, fooled you into pledging allegiance to form this one big nonsense of a party.

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Total control of Samoa

Re: P.M. adamant La’auli sacked himself Only a fascist, totalitarian, and a Leninist type of govt. does this. Total control of the country.

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The European Union’s “blacklist” and why its so absurd

Black list, red list, white list, whatever list – you have to forgive ordinary Samoans for being bewildered – at being thrown a book full of complex financial system requirements and technical jargon that don’t make an iota of difference in their daily lives.

Street Talk

Gregory Ah Sam, 34

Mixed reaction from public to electricity price increase

The Electric Power Corporation on Monday announced a $0.09 sene increase in the price of electricity effective from March 1. The EPC said the increase applies to all domestic and non-domestic users for cash power and induction meter users. Reporter Soli Wilson meets members of the public to get their views on the increase.

Think a Minute


Think a minute…You may have heard the famous true story of the Mutiny on the Bounty. English sailors rebelled against their captain, William Bligh, in the South Pacific.


Scammers of the internet and tourism

Who would think less of stupidity given the fiasco of the overtly expressive on the internet being held against their will though it was their strong will that put them there?

Between the Lines

A hungry thief. Your house might be next

A prominent member of the community had his house broken into where the thief ransacked it looking for valuables to take.

Sunday Reading

Alpha Cafe and Chemist owners Nataivai Siitia and her husband Junior Siitia.

A café and a pharmacy - service with a difference

The Alpha Café and Chemist is not your everyday kind of pharmacy – it offers a service with a difference and is within the vicinity of the Tupua Tamasese Meaole Hospital at Motootua.

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