A prayer for all

Dear Editor, Some years back, I came across this prayer by Pope John XXIII delivered as an open apology to the Jewish people and the Nation of Israel, with regards to the Crucifixion of Jesus. I quote below:

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Stopping adding insult to injury

Dear Editor, Re: U.S. Ambassador Brown comes bearing 5 computers, two printers and a long list. That was some list U.S. Ambassador Scott Brown trotted out last week about what great things America First is doing in Samoa.

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Teaching them how to fish

Re: Govt. and debt Some villages are leasing out some of the families’ lands for business ventures, i.e. the village of Salelologa that leased out their land to a timber mill company.

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The roots lead to village life

Dear Editor, Re: Progress means better C.E.O’s I couldn’t agree more with Mr Huaman. Although problems with underperforming C.E.O’s and A.C.E.O’s could be put down to the blind leading the blind, I would expand on Mr. Huaman’s hypothesis that Samoa is facing a crisis of the dumb making the not so dumb ‘’dumber.’’

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Hats off to E.P.C

Dear Editor, Re: E.P.C’s work during cyclone What a service! I salute you all, the Board and the management, C.E.O. and the E.P.C. What a great job and a great effort you are doing for our people.

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My oh my, what a speech!

Dear Editor, Re: P.M. tells Directors to listen more, speak less Oh My Lordy, a P.M. with degrees and now a recent Doctorate bestowal and his comments are so babyish and bordering farcical. As much as you have done a lot for Samoa, I do remember you too partake in more talk and Less listening.

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The real point

Dear Editor, Re: The Govt. and debt Really is that all you got from Ropati’s post? I think his point was not whether the money the government receives is a loan or a grant but what they do with it.

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A project with disastrous consequences

Dear Editor, The H.R.P.P. have been in power for over 30+ years and yet they don’t have an answer to the continuous floods in Apia when we have a lot of rain or cyclones. I don’t think they have managed to fix even one of the affected areas.

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Families should be prepared

Dear Editor, Re: Health fears after Gita Very sad it happened but I do not understand when locals say they aren’t prepared for such disasters when Samoa has cyclone season from Nov to March? Families need to consider their welfare and undertake storm preparations starting April to Oct so come storm season, they’re prepared.

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Be proactive and stay alert

Re: We could’ve been better prepared To be honest, this is why people live in Samoa must cleanup their properties constantly all year round. To eliminate problems like this one. Even creeks and rivers so the water can flow freely where they are suppose to go through.

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Can’t stop Mother Nature

Dear Editor, Re: We could’ve been better prepared Samoa is an Island ...we attract vicious weather developments at certain times of the year...at least we get warnings.

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The real problem

Re: Mayor calls for Govt. action He explained: “The reason there’s a delay in the construction of the wall along the Lelata riverbank is because some families disagree with the construction of the wall. The families have their own personal reasons for disagreeing with the construction works.”

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More details please

Re: P.M. on Executive and Judiciary The Executive can order an audit of the L.T.C. Judges but can’t stand down the President? This is laughable.

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Wrong message, Pastor!

Dear Editor, Re: Gita a sign from heaven Wrong timing pastor... your thoughts don’t help when people need inspiration. When will our people stop, pray and think that this disaster or in that case any disaster is Not A FORM of PUNISHMENT.

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The Govt. and debts

Dear Editor, Re: Govt. signs grant with Japan Samoa has joined the international community of operating on aikalafu (debt). There was never a time they came up with budget surplus.The govt. secured grants like these for infrastructure in the past, and there was much improvement made on roading projects to inland areas across the two main islands, to encourage subsistence and commercial agriculture.

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Difference between Maua and P.M. Tuilaepa

Dear Editor, Re: Maua should be A.G. If Maua really hates corruption (his famous words) and the true lover of transparency government, if aiga is so dear to his heart, he would have taken my many advise.

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We appreciate you

Dear Editor, Re: Samoa Water Authority offers help Thank you to the Samoa Water Authority for offering this help. We appreciate the work you are doing to try and restore water to Samoa as quick as possible.

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Enough is enough, Samoa!

Dear Editor, Re: Cyclone Gita and Samoa A category 2 brought about flooding throughout the Apia area. With photos and videos posted on social media it’s safe to say nothing absolutely nothing has changed since the last flooding that prompted that wall to be built behind Sheraton Aggies Hotel.

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Wake up Samoa and be safe

Dear Editor, Re: Customary land bill We must hope to God that our people will read and understand and discern the real intent of this legislation. It is promoting greater economic use of customary land, but for who?

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A more beneficial system for Samoa

Dear Editor, Re: Village tackles youth problems This is the concept of self sufficiency and responsibility that should be encouraged throughout the whole of Samoa. This has been a way of communal life in Samoa in the past, and must be revived and supported by the government.

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You have been warned, Samoa!

Last week Friday, a story titled “Maldives faces Chinese ‘land grab’ over unpayable debts” surfaced on the front page of the Samoa Observer. In light of the recent debate and controversy about Samoa’s foreign debt, customary lands and concerns about the future of this country, the story couldn’t have arrived at a better time, in our humble opinion.

Street Talk

Norma Matatia, 37

How can Govt. address social media abuse?

“ The Government is facing a new threat. It comes in the form of anonymous bloggers using fake names to attack senior Government leaders – including Prime Minister Tuilaepa – on Facebook and other social media sites. What do you think the Government should do? Would you support the Government regulating the use of social media sites – and to some extent blocking them altogether – like they do in China? Nefertiti Matatia asked the public in today’s Street Talk and this is what they said:

Think a Minute

The sweat of success

Think a minute…Former Prime Minister of England, Winston Churchill, became so famous for his speeches that he was called the Greatest Speaker of the Century. He was also famous for his quick wit.


“Law, Custom and Constitutionalism: Customary Land Tenure in Samoa”

Ladies and Gentlemen, Talofa lava! As an Indigenous Samoan, Let me first pay my respect to the Indigenous Owners of this land and thank their ancestors, past present and future, for letting me stand before you on these sacred cultural lands!

Between the Lines


THE BEST A big fa’amalo to the skilled and courageous E.P.C. staff who braved the winds and rain to restore power from broken and dangerous power lines on Cross Island Road on Wednesday night in pitch darkness.

Sunday Reading

PRESIDENT OF THE S.A.M.E.:Tagaloa Eddie Wilson with Happy Ava Farmers Tupai & Asoono- from Savaii.

Samoa’s Ava Exports expected to rise to prominence again

Samoa’s Ava Exports is looking promising, with exports expected to increase in the next couple of years. Ava exports was Samoa’s second largest export commidity from 1998 to 2001 until some European countries led by Germany imposed restrictions on the Pacific Kava Trade. Samoa’s exports of Ava in 1998 was just under $20m.

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