P.M. is the king of belittling people

Dear Editor, Re: Such a terribly meaning statement is unbecoming of you It’s never a fair battle isn’t it? The Prime Minster used words such as “setting an atomic bomb on the petitions of some Savaii villages which he later defended as a figure of speech.

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It takes courage to report both sides

Dear Editor Re: Such a terribly meaning statement is unbecoming of you I applaud the Samoa Observer for being able to be observant and report both sides. I don’t always agree with the reported spin on certain topics but it takes a courageous paper to report both sides especially in this era of oppressive government censorship of free speech in Samoa as has become so evidently clear with the arrest of King Faipopo.

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Good on you La’auli Leuatea!

Dear Editor, Re: Total control of Samoa If the rules of the HRPP are to eject anyone who disagrees with the party (PM’s) line, then that is their right. Full marks to La’auli to stand up for what he believes; it is what is expected of a publically elected representative.

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Get Ma’a Nonu and Steven Luatua

Dear Editor, Re: Interest in the Manu Samoa It would be great to have Steven Luatua and Victor Vito in Samoa’s forward pack. Having Peter Saili, Christian Leali’ifano, Maa Nonu and Isaiah Toeava in the backline would be awesome.

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Ready to die for the cause? Why then did you chuck the pig’s head, dog food and ran?

Dear Editor, I write regarding your editorial titled: “P.M’s fear, pig head thrower and charge against King Faipopo. What a great fun.” Certainly fun to you and for me Sir but others might think not.

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Respect is earned

Re: P.M. deserves respect If only all of you speaking for the PM would know what we know. Yes, respect is needed, but when the leader loses the trust, honor, and faith of his people then he doesn’t deserve respect!

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Such a terribly meaning statement is unbecoming of you

Dear Editor, Your editorial in the 27th January 2019 Sunday Samoan which included among other things your front page article, “Editor rejects P.M’s claim,” seems to criticize the Prime Minister for not verbally answering your paper’s questions.

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People voted you in

Re: P.M. adamant Laauli sacked himself People voted you all ladies and gentlemen into Parliament. But then the party leadership, nearly all but one, fooled you into pledging allegiance to form this one big nonsense of a party.

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Total control of Samoa

Re: P.M. adamant La’auli sacked himself Only a fascist, totalitarian, and a Leninist type of govt. does this. Total control of the country.

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Go back to our Samoan ways

Re: Teachers get powers to use reasonable force This is what made everybody who grew up in Samoa what they are today. Ask a CEO or a doctor, accountant or an engineer his time at the school and he/she will tell you those were the days you get punished cleaning the drainage or footpath or grass cutting on the school field for breaking school rules.

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Party politics

Re: P.M. adamant La’auli sacked himself It is what it is when it is a one-party Parliament. HRPP can do whatever they like. The only solution is to have more parties that contest in the election, and for individual MPs to decide when standing for the election, do I want to run for HRPP, as an individual, or start my own Party?

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Rule of law and the correct interpretation of it

Dear Editor, Re: The Lefaga decision and what it means In response to Maua Faleauto. It is easy to spin a story when key elements are omitted or quoted out of context.

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Pathetic response

Re: Govt. asked to explain The Minister should at least say something like, “Oh the octopus jumped out from the sea and grabbed the briefcase with the money during the handover.”

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Show me legislation

Re: Land decision Show me in the legislation where Torrens title is mentioned or where Customary lands are converted to Public or Freehold title. It simply does not exist, no matter how you interpret it.

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Economy needs long-term investment

Dear Editor, The comments on the Capital Gains Tax (CPG) that I made in yesterday’s Samoa Observer in the story titled “Capital gains taxes worry private sector” was made in the context of Samoa being a member of the WTO. Which has limited our policy space for revenue generation.

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Grow some thick skin to weather the storm

Dear Editor, I write regarding the story titled “P.M. says written responses “special treatment” Samoa Observer and the reporter must understand the stark contrast of the independent and personal decision made by the honourable Prime Minister of Samoa.

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We’re not really serious about getting rid of plastics

Dear Editor Nobody really seems to be serious about getting rid of plastic. As soon as a ban is introduced on one item, some clown will come up with something else.

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How China became a big player in Samoa

Dear Editor, Re: Samoa’s debt The traditional sources of loans and aids were actually the main problem with their inability to trust the Samoan government to manage the granted funds.

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Democracy? I think not

Re: Editorial on pulenuu and La’auli You are so on point! That Pulenu’u in Nofoali’i is also absolutely right! The Government is trying to master and remote control the people of Samoa.

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Read and understand the legislation first

Dear Editor, Re: The Lefaga land decision and what it means Maua, read and understand the legislation thoroughly then you’ll know there is no distortion of facts about customary lands. I beg you to do your due diligence before adding your two cents.

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Are we looking at a new political party in the making?

The truth should be told one way or another. When it comes to the ongoing saga involving former Speaker and Cabinet Minister, La’auli Leuatea Polata’ivao, the million tala question is this; now that the H.R.P.P. has publically declared he is no longer a member of the party, is he still then a Member of Parliament?

Street Talk

Afaatia Ataga, 21

Public share views on remittances

“Remittances is Samoa’s largest form of foreign exchange earner with the 2017/18 financial year recording about $503.73 million tala in earnings. This shows the extent of the contribution by Samoans living abroad to the development of the nation. What do you think? Talaia Mika discussed the issue with members of the public and these are some of their views:

Think a Minute

Fight by the Rules

28 June, 1997 was the date of the famous Bite Fight between world heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson. During the fight, Tyson completely lost control of his anger and actually bit off part of Holyfield’s ear! Tyson lost his license to box and paid a $3 million penalty for not fighting by the rules.



Changing lives: Prevention and reversal of obesity

Talofa Samoa! I am happy to start this Health Column by informing the Public that METI has now received official support from government for its Healthy Living programme.

Between the Lines

A hungry thief. Your house might be next

A prominent member of the community had his house broken into where the thief ransacked it looking for valuables to take.

Sunday Reading

Alpha Cafe and Chemist owners Nataivai Siitia and her husband Junior Siitia.

A café and a pharmacy - service with a difference

The Alpha Café and Chemist is not your everyday kind of pharmacy – it offers a service with a difference and is within the vicinity of the Tupua Tamasese Meaole Hospital at Motootua.

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