More meetings

Re: Another meeting in Apia There are more and more meetings held in Samoa from these different entities that has nothing to do with our sovereignty of whatsoever. So who is dictating policies in our supposedly independent state? These are the type of questions we need to ask ourselves when we see things happening out of the ordinary.

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Catholic Church and Muslims

Re: Re-writing history Don Quixote was really about the stupidity of the Catholic Church in expelling the Muslims and Jews. Under Islamic rule Spain had become the most advanced nation in Europe and the innovations the Moors introduced in terms of science, art and philosophy and so on would become the basis of the European rennaisance.

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Great letter Terry

Dear Editor Re: An open letter to Members of Parliament You have absolutely nailed it on the head, Terry Dunleavy. The P.M. and Passport Chief have got it wrong.

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You’re wrong about North Korea

Dear Editor Re: Monster from the North America bombed them in the 1950s, killing about two million and flattening everything in sight, so they have a bomb to defend themselves from this happening again.

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A very common factor

Dear Editor Re: Deadliest attack in Somalia The recent history of Somalia is very similar to that of other currently war-torn nations in the region with a heavy dose of American interference, brutality and exploitation.

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Honour and respect where it is due

Dear Editor Re: An open letter to Samoa’s Parliament Faafetai tele lava, lelei fai mai, upu lelei, faʻamasinoga sili.

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When will our people wake up?

Dear Editor Re: Acting P.M. on Pacific Blue Thank you Maua for deciphering the illegal scheme this govt. has perpetrated on the Samoan people. There is no question whatsoever of the magnitude of deception orchestrated to undermine the removal of our customary land and denying future generations their rights to their family land.

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Customary land

Dear Editor Re: Acting P.M. Tialavea on Blue Pacific You are correct Leituala. In 1998 the PM agreed to the break up of Customary land and its securitization with the Asian Development Bank.

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Re-writing history in our own colour and Don Quixote

Dear Editor, But for the top shelf price tag of the two latest biographies of Samoan political figures, Prime Minister Tuilaepa S Malielegaoi and Taisi Olaf Nelson, I would by now, be the proud owner of copies of both. But I’m not so sure now, thanks to the views of Professor Fui Leapai Soo of our national university about Samoan history written by white men.

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They can’t get it together

Re: One more athlete speaks up I feel sorry for you Paea and your son Tapasu and probably there are many more who are yet to come up to the fore.

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Hold your head high

Re: Union faces legal threat I feel for Theresa Passi and many, many others for experiencing three months in Samoa Rugby Union hell. She and many others are victims of the Samoa Rugby Union parasitic and predatory machine.

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Protecting our global national park

Dear Editor, It’s great that the government is recognising the importance of its wetlands with the inclusion of O le Pūpū Puē National Park (O.L.P.P) as a Ramsar site. The article is a bit deceptive though in that it implies that Ramsar were so impressed with the M.N.R.E’s efforts that they made O.L.P.P. a designated site whereas the process is actually the other way round.

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Congratulations So’oalo!

Dear Editor Re: New chief at Ports Authority He was such an organized guy at school I recall. Very quiet and talked sensibly and a school prefect as well.

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Find the right person

Dear Editor Re: Manu Samoa difference The only stupid person here is you and your comments prove that. Definition of trying for the stupid, difficult or annoying, hard to endure.

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What’s happening today

Dear Editor Re: Samoa’s graduation from L.D.C Samoa has a debt (money owing to overseas World Banks) of $2billion. So how is the current government whom created this problem going to pay back all that money owed?

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Not fast enough

Dear Editor Re: Athlete slams Samoa Sports I refer to the part where Dodson writes: “Investigate these people and get rid of them. I am sure Samoa can find people who are x-athletes with higher education to lead our country’s athlete to success.”

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P.M. Tuilaepa’s medical condition

Dear Editor, Thank you for the update on the P.M.’s condition. I think what the government officials failed to recognise is that Tuilaepa is Samoa’s Prime Minister and the fact he was evacuated is something of alarm to everyone.

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Propping up a ‘dead cat’

Dear Editor Re: What really happens when the govt. is broke I’m sorry to disappoint you PS Jeffrey, but your astute Harvard intelligence doesn’t match up with your economic 101 theory.

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It’s easier to rob the poor

Dear Editor I’d like to respond to a letter in your newspaper about the government’s debt. It says: “This is just sound fiscal management. The govt. is taking more responsibility to pay its own way. It doesn’t mean the govt. is broke.”

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Samoa’s graduation from L.D.C status

Dear Editor, Re: What happens when the government is broke Samoa did not graduate voluntarily. They were told that this was what was going to happen because Samoa had the necessary infrastructure and economic growth to graduate.

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“A small party made up of small-minded people,” says M.P. Faumuina Wayne Fong.

On the front page of the Sunday Samoan of 15 October 2017, the headline read: “Member hits out at dirty H.R.P.P. politics.” The “Member” in question is Parliamentarian Faumuina Wayne Fong, of the Human Rights Protection Party, who claimed that members of his party “are engaged in dirty politics.”

Street Talk

Fa’afetai Timo, 29

Questions over sports administration

The administration of sports in Samoa has come under the microscope once more. American-based Samoan Sprinter, Jeremy Dodson, has raised serious questions about the way sports are run. “From the three years I have represented Samoa, I have seen officials do nothing but get free trips, trips spent lounging in sponsored hotels while athletes eat processed food,” he said. “I have seen officials get elected not off merits, but friendships.

Think a Minute

Win over worry (Part 1)

Think a minute…It’s been said: “A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work.” In fact, the root word for worry is “choke” or “strangle.” Worrying chokes the life and strength out of you! Constant worrying strangles us emotionally, gradually taking away our hope and happiness.


C.E.O of O.E.C, Faimalomatumua Mathew Lemisio with O.E.C staff members and others open the event with the ava ceremony.

Elections and strengthening democracy

It is my pleasure to welcome you to this Commonwealth Electoral Professionals Initiative training event, convened in partnership with Samoa’s Electoral Commissioner’s Office and in cooperation with the PIANZEA Electoral Administrators Network.

Between the Lines


Con artist at work So there is apparently someone conning unsuspecting members of the public at the Land Transport Authority compound. In a public notice, L.T.A has warned members of the public to be alert.

Sunday Reading

OUR HERO IS HOME: Our very own W.B.O. Heavyweight Champion visits the sick children and bringing them smiles of which were signs of temporary relief.

When a World Champion drops by

The smiles on their faces said it all. Although many of them were in pain, W.B.O heavyweight champion, Lupesoliai Laauli Joseph Parker, brought temporary relief when he paid an unexpected visit on Friday.

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