Samoa, integrity and media freedom

I thank Dr. Falepo for his wise words for as we know we must be forever grateful to the Lord for the work we do. 

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Time’s Illusionist

Jorim–Paul Phillips is a new columnist for the Samoa Observer’s ‘Newspapers in Education’ feature.

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U.N. World Day of Social Justice - “Preventing conflict & sustaining peace through decent work” 2017

Did you know that today, 20 February is the U.N. World Day of Social Justice?

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Is President Donald Trump the next Hitler?

America was considered a place where everyone was treated fairly and led as an example for the rest of the world. So what happened? Donald Trump won, and for better or worse, he is now my President! He wants to control the country, but he can’t even control his own hair.

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For Albert Wendt - (On his Birthday)

you dare to fish beyond the coral reefs

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Solo Mom

It’s expensive Knowing that every penny was worth spending

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The Fale - (To my friend Iosefa)

The fale I think is a beautiful house

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Betrayal - (from Endless Circles)

A pink envelope fell defiantly on the floor Romantic verses, another woman’s hand

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RAISING THEM RIGHT: Hari Junior and his son Keith.

It takes an entire village

Pe ni a fa outou? ai se tagata o i ai mamoe e selau, afai e se le tasi, na te le tuua ea le ivagafulu ma le iva i mauga, a e alu o ia e saili i le na se? Afai foi na te maua, e moni, ou te fai atu ia te outou, e tele lona olioli i lea, a e itiiti i le ivagafulu ma le iva e lei se.

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Samoa ‘Founded on God’ and Samoa ‘Founded on the Trinity’: Are they One and the Same Thing?

I have read with great appreciation and gratitude Fatilua Fatilua’s theologically reflective and thought-provoking article (Samoa Observer Feb. 10, 2017) entitled: Why is it problematic to put the Trinity in our Constitution.

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Is Samoa a Christian nation?

Just because the majority of the Samoan population go to church, once a week, are we inclined to believe that we, as a whole, follow a Christ-like life?

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A house once filled with passion and devotion, But now a marriage vow lies there shattered and broken.

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Don’t come

I don’t want warm fingertips touching my name. I won’t feel those left-to-rust letters,

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Rules to obey - (SPAN 65 and 66)

They say ua ta le iva, everyone off to bed! But as I go to lie down, I am surprised by an order

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Savour the moments - (Endless Circles)

As we live a little longer countless years pass by We learn to stop and wonder at the colours in the sky

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Savai’i - (Malifa Voices)

This the land where Moso stept, and lava crept

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If life was like . . .

If life was like a mobile Better communication

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Saying good morning!

Engines starts From buses and cars

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MILLION DOLLAR PROJECT: One of the government’s multi-million tala projects that remain unused and empty.

Samoa’s white elephants and climate change

In my previous comment, I addressed some of the claims made the Minister of Works, Transport and Infrastructure in relation to the government changing the law for the age of imported vehicles. The Minister was quoted as saying “old” cars pollute the air…”because they blow out black fumes.”

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Marking Waitangi Day in Samoa!

May I say Talofa Lava, Malo Le Soifua. It is a great privilege for Debbie and I to welcome you all to this celebration to honour Waitangi Day, New Zealand’s national day. It is a great honour also to speak on my first Waitangi Day as New Zealand’s High Commissioner to Samoa and NZ’s Administrator for Tokelau.

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At last we are moving with the Sex Offenders register

Here is the good news. Two weeks ago, Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi instructed Attorney General, Lemalu Hermann Retzlaff, to proceed with the necessary groundwork to set up a Sex Offenders Register.

Letters to the Editor

Is this legal?

Re: On Salelologa’s decision Anyone who knows anything about Samoa should know that there is no way that anybody can just come into a village and set up a shop.

Street Talk

Siaki Mafiti

Ele deserves money from Samoa

Samoa’s Olympic medalist, Ele Opeloge, is unlikely to earn a lot of money – if any – from the government for her efforts. Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi’s insists the government only awards monetary gifts to Olympic gold medal winners.

Think a Minute

Let Go of the Controls

Think a minute…A pilot was flying his small airplane, a Cessna 150, when suddenly he lost control. His plane began spinning and falling to the ground! He panicked and began doing everything he could think of with the controls.

Between the Lines

New airlines please

We really need another airline that is not affiliated to an existing one which is also flying in and out of Samoa. In other words, competition please, not a cosy relationship where you both maintain the status quo at the expense of the trapped customers

Sunday Reading

Myths and Legends of the Ancient World - The Charmed Drink

The mead hall of King Giuki was filled with the sounds of music and laughter. At his table, the king sat smiling, his horn in his hand and his eyes fixing themselves upon each of his sons in turn.

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