Alone, misplaced A stranger in unforgiving waters

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Elections maketh not a Democracy

Religious Liberty at Risk. Our Parliament signed off on 2016 with among other things two pieces of legislation that have rightly generated comment and concern.

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Implications of youth, state violence; the struggle for Tumua ma Pule in faces of the illegal industry

The recent images of children assaulting an innocent homeless man in his sleep around three o’clock in the morning are symptomatic of a larger and more serious problem facing the poor, marginalized and generally the indigenous people (tagata Samoa) today.

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A World Changer is Born

It has been a gloomy year. Mega losses of colossal characters – gone are Super artists Prince, David Bowie, George Michael and I’d like to insert in here a favourite, Canadian musician Leonard Cohen. And that is only the singers.

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Democracy, Parliament and the future

RE: Friction between Judges and Parliament Inquiry With only one essential difference that I know of about this Friction, and that is: The Matai Leaders unanimously elected firstly and foremost by Suli of Aiga Extend Family, in Village Councils of Samoa; are at the Centre of “this Friction” as reported by the Samoa Observer Article mentioned above.

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Happy New Year in Paradise

When you are out in the villages, thinking yourself into the new-year resolutions that somehow get achieved many years later, you have to bow to the blue sky for bearing with your dreams.

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You’re welcome

These past few days were crazy. Holidays, annoying siblings, change of plans, frustrating ‘everything’, and going completely insane; those are the highlights of the past few days, and what better time to blame it all on than Christmas.

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MAN WHO LOVED MUSIC, LIFE: The late Tupua Fred Wetzell.

Tribute to Tupua: For it is in giving that we are blessed

There are two eminent Freds in our family, Ta’isi Fred and Tupua Fred. Both were meant for the big stage, not the small one. They both aspired, as we say in Samoan, to fish outside rather than inside the reef.

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SAMOA’S LEADER: P.M. Tuilaepa Dr. Sa’ilele Malielegaoi.

Genesis, divine in humanity as indigenous people

The recent celebration of the 68th anniversary of International Human Rights Day by the state government and the Ombudsman’s office is to be applauded. For inherent in human rights is the dignity, rights, and freedom of every human being.

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Poetry giveth light Poetry giveth love

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Yeah, he’s the Once Were Warriors guy right? No, that’s Duff.

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Talofa e, ua maliliu Toa Ua maumau ai auupega o le taua

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DO C.E.O.s matter?

Here we go again, a new C.E.O. for M.A.F.F. For those with long and sharp memory will notice that regarding of how many C.E.O.s M.A.F.F. have had in the past, our agriculture is as unproductive as the day right after the Independence of Samoa from N.Z. grip.

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2016-2017 Miss Pacific Islands, Anne Christine Dunn.

The power of culture

Therefore, “culture” is definitely one of the most important elements in Miss Pacific Islands Pageant.

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World Health Organisation should outsource key duties, experts say

P.M. addresses human rights and domestic violence

A National Public Inquiry on Family Violence led by the Office of the Ombudsman, which is also the National Human Rights Institution of Samoa, has been launched. 

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GOVERNMENT SUPPORT: Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi at the launch of the National Public Inquiry on Family Violence on Thursday at the T.A.T.T.E Building.

Why Samoa needs an Inquiry on family violence

Why a National Inquiry at this time? An important responsibility of the Office as a National Human Rights Institution is to initiate NATIONAL INQUIRIES into “widespread, systemic or entrenched situations or practices that violate human rights.”

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The wings of life are created from life’s own tragedy

If I was goddess of creation, I would have made humans neutral, not perfect or imperfect either. I would have made them untwisted, colorless, yes very bland. 

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This is my time and this is why

I can’t help thinking that the WBO belt is my destiny. I’ve said over the past week that “this is my time” and I truly believe it. So many things are pointing me in this direction.

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Lupesoliai Joseph Parker – should he fall?

The rise and rise of Lupessoliai Laauliolemalietoa Joseph Parker is a brilliant winning story. One day it will end. After all, his trainer Kevin Barry has said Ruiz Jr is favoured to win the against his charge next weekend.

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Matua lau pule lea

Ua silimea nei le seuga, Aoaoga o lenei tausaga ua taualuga.

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Stop paying lip service to teachers

We’ve said this before and we will say it again. If the government means what it says about education, it really is time to put money where its mouth is. Judging from what we are seeing today; the government is not walking the talk.

Letters to the Editor

Hawaiki Cable

Re: Minister talks about the future You should’ve asked a question about the Hawaiki cable project which runs from N.Z. and Australia through Fiji, American Samoa to Hawaii and then onwards to the US mainland.

Street Talk

Paila Tavita

With Sir Gordon Tietjens at the helm, expectations heightened

At the beginning of the year, Sir Gordon Tietjens took over the Manu Samoa Sevens.

Think a Minute

What drives you? (Part 2)

Think a minute…What drives you? Yesterday we talked about three of the most common motivations that drive and control our lives. Today we will finish with two more. Many of us are driven by our love of money and the material things we can buy with it.

Between the Lines


So the entry point for English for aspiring teachers at N.U.S.has gone UP to 50% for 2017? What?

Sunday Reading

Myths, legends of ancient world - Sigurd and Brynhild

The young man sat upon the bed of stone, his gaze drinking in the beauty of the maiden who slept at his side. From the auburn curls that fell over her pillow to the slender hands that lay uncurled upon her chest, Brynhild was exquisite.

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