What about a live debate?

RE: P.M. slams bush lawyers It will be nice for the bush lawyers to challenge the PM to a debate on TV and have a media person, or a neutral lawyer, to moderate the debate. That way the P.M. doesn’t have control.

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There’s no assurance

RE: We live in such a cold world “Tell me that something like this will never ever happen in Samoa. Please!” I’m afraid no one could give you such assurance that this will not happened in our little paradise.

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Produce the list of complaints

RE: Minister defends decision Exactly my thoughts. Still smells like a rat to me.

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The obesity epidemic in the Pacific

Dear Editor, Being obese is not only ugly, it is plain unhealthy. Period. According to the W.H.O. there are more than 1.2 billion overweight adults in the world. At least 410 million are considered obese.

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Nice flattering words

Dear Editor, I quote from your editorial about Tuilaepa yesterday: “As for Tuilaepa, it is undisputed that he has a reputation in the Pacific as one of the strongest and more reliable leaders of his time.

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Great thought provoking read

Dear Editor, Re: Customary land and climate change Thank you Steve for your self-provoking thoughts. It’s quite fascinating to me when I tried to peak through the thin layer of understanding about the marvelous works of wonder that our creator or the divine presence of the Universe as some people call God has manifested his creation with such awe and amazement.

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Freedom and equality

Dear Editor, Re: Please read history Concerning the Americans and what they did to the natives of the land as well as Australians to the indigenous, well that page of history is long gone! It determines where we stand today and a lesson to us all. Those wounds have been long stitched.

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A true leader

Dear Editor, Re: P.M’s leadership hailed A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others.

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Colonialism and systems of the world

Dear Editor, The topic of colonialism is an interesting one I find. I want to point out a few areas that need clarity before the punters start smashing the ping pong ball around the tables.

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It’s about individuals and God

Dear Editor, Thank you Afamasaga Toleafoa for a very interesting article on Sunday observance in Samoa. Yes, the Sabbath is not like other days. The Creator God actually blessed and sanctified the seventh day, not the first day, Sunday.

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It just doesn’t make sense

Dear Editor, Re: Medical report on prisoner The next question then; who hung the kid? And the injuries on his dead body; where did they come from?

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Wishing Olo Fiti the best

Dear Editor, Re: Olo Fiti’s fight I write in support of Olo Fiti. Having read his letter, that is a very nice explanation Mr. Olo Fiti, Are you being setup to fail by getting robbed of business profits?

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Indonesia and other evil regimes

Dear Editor, Re: West Papua issue in Samoa In no way when I criticize Indonesia am I letting off other imperialist brutal slave owning nations. Don’t forget what the British did in Canada or the Chinese have done all in the name of imperialism, capitalism, the raping of resources of indigenous people.

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Right to express opinion

Re: Two sides to a story I think all people have a right to voice their opinion and peaceful protest when it comes to seeking independence from foreign rule. This is exactly what Samoa sought and achieved 55 years ago.

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Utu for Governor

Re: Stories of ordinary villagers Utu Abe Malae is a blessing to American Samoa. The A.S.G government has continuously turned to Malae to set their course straight whenever and wherever they failed and need rescue.

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In response to Olo Fiti’s letter

Hello Olo, I was responding to what was reported and you are correct in that you deserve to be heard and for that I apologize, but be on notice that I am a brother to my people first before a partisan to a resistance cause in any platform.

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Health Director writes to correct reports

In the past week, multiple articles and media coming from various news outlets have alleged that Ministry of Health is urging the Government of Samoa to legalize abortion and gay marriage. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this matter has caused for the general public.

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Thank God for courage

Dear Editor, Re: Happy smiling faces and assault on media too May God continue to bless you Gatoaitele Savea Sano Malifa for the courage that is reflected in every editorial you write!

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The unholy alliance of church and state

Dear Editor, Many persons understand what happens to native races who lose their ancestral lands to trickery. There are so many examples historically on every continent of the suffering and the decline as a race loses control of its own destiny.

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Why don’t you just close the Green Lane?

Dear Editor, Here’s an idea for the Ministry of Revenue to collect more taxes without squeezing the poor villagers even more. Close the Green Lane.

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Dealing with unemployment should be a matter of urgency

We know this much is undeniable. A lot of our social and criminal problems of today could easily have been resolved if there were sufficient employment opportunities made available to the population of this island nation.

Street Talk

Mele Maulolo Iasoni, 47

Line blurred between tips and bribery

The difference between tipping and bribery has been spelt out by a Cabinet Minister who said public servants should not feel bad about accepting tips for doing their work. The Minister of Revenue, Tialavea Tioniso Hunt, said it is only wrong when public servants accept bribes. What do you think? Should members of the public be encouraged to tip public servants, especially people like Customs officials? Ulimasao Fata asked in today’s Street Talk and this is what people said:

Think a Minute

Tear down these walls

Think a minute…A famous man and woman who were neighbors were always arguing. They just could not get along with each other. One day the woman said to the man: “Sir, if you were my husband, I’d give you poison!”


New Zealand voters energised

Only a few more days to go before New Zealand voters find out whether the National Party will have a fourth term in government.

Between the Lines


NUMBERS PLEASE Is it our imagination or has there been a genuine upsurge in the number of tourists in Samoa? We say genuine, because we are not counting those who are our own ‘sons and daughters (and other aiga) for the return home’!

Sunday Reading

EMPOWERED NOFOTANE WOMEN: During the Teuila Festival 2017, the unemployed Nofotane women sold products at their own market stall set up at the Teuila Festival site in front of the government building.

Samoan women reap socio economic returns

While the celebration of Samoa’s culture and traditions as per the Teuila Festival for 2017 has come to an end, the empowered nofotane women used the festival to enjoy the socio-economic returns from being empowered.

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