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Re: Educate yourselves 

For the evolutionists, I have a question:

Before the big bang, there was nothing! 

What took place then that triggered the big bang? 

I thought there was nothing, but seemed like there was actually something in that nothingness?

For the creationists, I have a question:

Before God created earth and universe and created man to procreate despite banning the first man and his mate from understanding ‘how’ to eat the apple to er, propagate, and all the living things in their simplest forms which are capable of evolving.... etc...etc..., there was just er, nothing! 

Well, at least that was what the authors who much much later in life wrote under the so-called spiritual inspiration - similar to that of having a marijuana smoke - or so I am told! 

So before this nothingness, where was God in all of this?


Ropati V.

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