Tuilaepa insulting the fa’afafine community when it suits him

Dear Editor, Re: “That’s what a fa’afafine would say,” Tuilaepa hits back The P.M. shows again what a fool he is with his fa’afafine statement. What on earth is he talking about?

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Let it go, Mr. Attorney General!

Dear Editor, I write regarding your news headline “Court queries A.G.’s request for an overseas Judge”. That also I had found, when the matter was originally mentioned that the Attorney General had to appeal the ruling by Justice Papali’i Rosella Viane for Fepulea’i Atila Ropati to be discharged without conviction:

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The E.F.K.S. and Tax Law

Dear Editor, There are a couple of enthralling things about the views of the E.F.K.S. Secretary and apparently those of the E.F.K.S. Council of Elders and the issue of the E.F.K.S. Faifeau’s to pay tax.

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About the truth

Re: Beliefs, politics and truth Your belief in your religious truth holds no evidence that it is in fact the truth. A biblical education is not necessarily a measure of whether one is educated or uneducated either. No more than it would make sense to refer to a Dr. of medicine as uneducated because he/she is not an expert in political theory.

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It’s about fair competition

Re: Transit hotel at Mulifanua Hey Peter, you completely missed this gentleman’s point. Hello! Private Business enterprises compete with each other, in healthy and honest societies, supported and encouraged by the government.

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Need to rethink the process

Dear Editor, Re: Two babies die after vaccination The two toddlers are not the only deaths from the MMR. Some children are genetically susceptible to the vaccine it seems. Therefore compulsory and punitive legislation should be abandoned.

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What exactly are you saying?

Dear Editor, Re: Taxes, God and meaninglessness I can see the dialectualism of the Church and State in your introduction. Or, the dialectualism of Religious organisations, and the H.R..P.P. Government’s enforced religious taxes.

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He came to serve, not to be served

Dear Editor, I write in reference to your story titled “Luatuanuu want ban lifted” in the Weekend Observer. We continue to see clashes between government and some of the other authorities in the land.

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It’s a safe vaccine

Re: Keep researching the benefits The MMR is an extremely safe vaccine. There have been rare instances in the past when through human error the vaccine has been reconstituted incorrectly, for instance someone used a vial of an anaesthetic agent instead of water.

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A lesson learnt

Re: Inquiry into death Everything is lesson learnt. The responsible nurses must learn from their mistakes but I’m positive that it’s a carelessness case. I’m from Itu-o-tane and I tell you, this was and is how these nurses performed/provided their services. What now?

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Basic science

Let the deaths of the two babies not be in vain This is an excellent editorial and I thank the editor for his open-minded and caring attitude! The MMR vaccine has been implicated in deaths and long-term disabilities since its release in the late 1980s.

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‘We are a Christian State’

Guns, drugs and a paradise we call Samoa Gosh, guns and drugs in Samoa, no ways. We are a Christian state.

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Truth in politics and Samoa today

Dear Editor, As a country founded on God, we have faced one of the most challenging political dilemmas of our time. We stood our ground with what we believe is right and what is truth and moral, but as a Christian nation, we must not forget that morality is not of ourselves but of God alone.

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A humble suggestion for the Police

Dear Editor I must congratulate the Commissioner and the Ministry of Police for the capture of so many guns which were either illegally brought into the country or not licensed. Well done and keep up the excellent work.

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Stop accepting money

Re: E.F.K.S., stand your ground If faifeau do not want to pay tax, perhaps they should stop accepting money altogether, on Sundays and at fa’alavelave. Then we will see whether they are in the job for the right reasons.

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Message for nurses of Safotu hospital

Dear Editor, My sincere condolences and thoughts of comfort to the grieving families of both Sasina and Safotu for the sudden loss of their precious babies. I broke down and mourned with you all until now, I want to write something about those sloppiest nurses.

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Keep researching the benefits

Dear Editor, Re: Let the deaths of the two babies not be in vain This is an excellent editorial and I thank the Editor for his open-minded and caring attitude! The M.M.R. vaccine has been implicated in deaths and long-term disabilities since its release in the late 1980’s.

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The truth, church

Re: Essential reading for Samoa That is not correct and it borders falsehood. There is one Church that was founded by Christ and that is the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith. Rome is where Peter (Cephas/Rock) died, being Crucified upside down.

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E.F.K.S., stand your ground

Dear Editor, In observing the Headline of the Samoa Observer Wednesday 4th July 2018, there I could see the photo of the Minister of Revenue Tialavea Tionisio Hunt in his beautiful floral shirt pink and yellow in colour for the first time.

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About the church, Government and taxes

Dear Editor, I am a Samoan resident who’s been visiting this country for nearly fifty years. This year I have found myself extremely disappointed with the quality of the debate in your columns about the tightening of tax treatment of alofa for faifeaus.

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Precious children, parents’ agony and lessons that could save lives

Here’s the thing. To lose one child through death is excruciatingly painful enough. It’s something no parents should have to go through. But can you imagine losing two children under eerily similar circumstances? It’s simply unimaginable. No words can describe it. And yet that’ exactly what parents, Karl Joseph and Christine Laulu, of Apia, have had to go through.

Street Talk

Asiata Sataraka

Public speak on vaccines controversy

The death of two one-year-old babies last Friday following their vaccination at Savai’i has led to independent investigations by authorities and galvanized debate throughout the nation. Health experts have come out defending vaccinations while urging patience until the inquiries are completed. The public was asked if they have confidence in the health system and the health of their children.

Think a Minute

No place like home

Think a minute…It is true: “There’s no place like home.” In fact, who we are, what we think about ourselves, others, and life, mostly comes from our family with whom we grew up as children and teenagers. That is why they say, “The apple does not fall far from the tree.”


THE E.F.K.S. AT MALUA: The E.F.K.S. Church is standing up to the Government’s law to tax the alofa of church Ministers. File photo.

Tuila’epa and taxing the clergies

I have been watching with great interest from afar the development of this issue in our beloved country. Interestingly, many, including the highly credentialed Rev Vaiao Eteuati, have been fooled by the apparent simplicity of the issue. But I do not see the issue as simply about the clergies paying taxes.

Between the Lines


Of ‘Papa Stui’ and fa’afafines Well it looks like some customers have kicked up a big stink about McDonald’s Unisex toilet.

Sunday Reading

Rev. Dr. Upolu Lumā Vaai (PhD)

'Why a Pacific Philosophy Conference: Rewriting a Pacific Development Narrative'

On the 11-14th June 2018, the inaugural Pacific Philosophy Conference (I.P.P.C.) was held in Suva, Fiji. The Pacific Theological College, the University of the South Pacific, Pacific Islands Association of N.G.Os, and Fiji National University were the four hosting partners who sponsored the event.

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