Derek John Davies with his friend Julia Paschal from Texas, U.S.A.

Fond memories draws Derek back to Samoa

Fond memories of our beautiful isles are why Derek John Davies returned to Samoa.

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Agagafa’afetai Rapha Peresipi with her family.

Agagafa’afetai reaps with joy

Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy. Agagafa’afetai Rapha Peresipi knows what this feels like, having reaped the fruits of her hard work when she was announced the Dux of Vaimoso Primary School this week.

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Leaoa Nouata Grandmother, Daleah Nouata Dux of Lepea Primary School, Leilani Loibl Faapale representative of Loibl family who donated one of the Dux trophies and Inuulelei Felise Moors.

Daleah Nouata does the job at Lepea

It is that time of the year again where parents are rewarded for their sacrifice as children bring home certificates, trophies or prizes for their academic achievements. 

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The use of the roots of the Pulu is symbolic of Taumeasina Island Resort relationship with Samoa and the wider South Pacific.

Taumeasina Resort’s unique Christmas tree

Christmas is a magical time of the year and one of the most festive parts of the season is trimming a tree with lights and decorations.

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Prime Minister Tuilaepa flanked by S.S.A.B.’s owner Fiti Leung Wai, the brainchild behind Sleepwell Interantional, (far left) and General Manager Teleiai James Potoi inspect the mattresses that Sleepwell will manufacture.

New tenants take over Yazaki Samoa facilities

The fate of the two new businesses now housing the facilities used by Yazaki Samoa in Vaitele is in the hands of the employees. 

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Prime Minister Tuilaepa Dr. Sa’ilele Malielegaoi.

South Korea to assist Samoa’s electoral process

South Korea has committed $5 million in grant funding to improve the local election processes. This was confirmed by Prime Minister Tuilaepa Dr. Sa’ilele Malielegaoi this week.

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JAILED: Isaako Taumaloto.

Husband jailed for manslaughter after argument with wife

A man who faced a manslaughter charge in relation to an incident involving his wife has been jailed for two years and 10 months. Isaako Taumaloto, 49, of Saoluafata, had faced one charge of manslaughter.

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Proud mother Serafi, Serafi Ah Hao and aunty Filipina Taito.

Serafi shines at A’ana No. 1

Serafi Ah Hao was the shining star at the 2017 A’ana No.1 College annual school prize giving this week. The Year 13 student scooped five best subject awards including the Dux award.

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PROUD FAMILY: Porita Mikaele with proud parents, Mikaele, Tolusefulu and baby Tolusefulu.

Punaoa Dux rejoices in triumph

The harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph. That couldn’t be more accurate for Laumua o Punaoa Technical School Dux, Porita Mikaele.

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TAMAITA’I SAMOA: Miss Samoa Papali’i Alexandra Iakopo.

True beauty comes from within

“E iloa le teine Samoa moni i lana tu, o lana savali atoa ma lana tautala.” You can tell in the dignified way she holds herself upright, the way she walks with grace and the eloquence of her speech that Papali’i Alexandra Iakopo is the manifestation of what a beautiful Samoan girl represents.

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Winners of 2017 Samoa Observer Tusitala Story Competition named

A story with the intriguing title, “An Elegant Tantrum” is the Overall Winner of the 2017 Samoa Observer Tusitala Short Story competition. The story was written by Wellington-based Samoan, Liana Roberts-Letiu.

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Member of Parliament, Olo Fiti Vaai.

M.P. cries “injustice”

The “discretion clause” under the Customs Act allowing the Ministry of Revenue to issue cash fines, should be removed from the statute. That is the opinion of Member of Parliament, Olo Fiti Vaai. He was responding to Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi’s decision to support the Ministry of Revenue’s decision not to take legal action against a company whose container was confiscated by Customs Officers in September 2017. 

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Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa'ilele Malielegaoi cuts the birthday cake.

Happy 38th birthday, H.R.P.P.!

Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa'ilele Malielegaoi was all smiles yesterday during the celebration of the Human Rights Protection Party’s 38th birthday at Sogi. Held at the party’s headquarters at Petesa, the Prime Minister was joined by the party’s faithful members and supporters as they gave thanks for another year. 

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GUILTY: Suli Sualii with his lawyer Afamasaga Michael Soonalole.

Rugby fun turns ugly after Blues historical visit

A 24-year-old man from Sa’anapu has been found guilty of attempted murder. The incident occurred after the defendant returned from the historical first Super rugby match to be played in Samoa this year between the Blues and the Reds.

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MAKE LIFE EASIER BY MAKING WISE DECISIONS: Fautua Fautua from the village of Vaitele-Fou.

The value of making right choices

Fautua Fautua from the village of Vaitele-Fou believes the key to a better life lies in one’s ability to make good decisions. Aged 40 and employed at K.L. Security, Fautua stresses the importance of choices and education in response to questions on the daily life in Samoa.

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Tuu'u Dr. Ieti Taulealo.

Chairman rejects report

The Chairman Samoa Public Service Commission (P.S.C), Tuu’u Dr. Ietitaia Taule'alo, has rejected reports he has issued a blanket ban on all public servants from attending the Samoa Solidarity International protest march this Saturday.

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KEEPING HIS OPTIONS OPEN: Peanut farmer and shopkeeper, Malouamaua Eti.

Despite the struggles, always have back up plan

With the struggles and hardship many people are going through, it is good to always have a backup plan. This is the belief of a local businessman, Malouamaua Eti, 58, from the village of Nu’u-Fou. 

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Singing in the Christmas spirit

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. At the Vaitele-uta E.F.K.S. compound, there is definitely no mistaking the season with the start of the popular 13 Days of Christmas television programme.

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Koama Seve: Budgeting after paying loans is a fortnightly worry.

$90 a fortnight for family of eight

Receiving $90 fortnightly to support six children is a struggle. That’s the reality for Koama Seve, 40, from the village of Alamagoto. Mrs. Seve said the cost of living in Samoa was expensive and life was really hard too.

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SO MUCH TO DO AND NO TIME TO WASTE: Dickelium Scout Malaki from the village of Fasito’o-Uta.

Picking up life skills away from the classroom

With many students now on school holiday, they have a lot more free time to spend. Some will find themselves relaxing at home, others socializing in town, but not Dickelium Scout Malaki from the village of Fasito’o-uta.

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Think a Minute

The loneliest number (Part 2)

Think a minute…A rich and famous couple gave their baby girl the name Sunday. Her celebrity father explained why. He said: “When you do not have someone in your life…Sunday is the loneliest day…now that I have a family, Sunday has become my happiest day.”


Sustaining economic growth and the future

For the best part of the last three decades this facility has contributed greatly to the economy of Samoa and its G.D.P.

Between the Lines


LEARNING THE AIRLINES LINGO Heard the term “close in bookings”? Chances are, you are one of the many Samoans who fall into that category used by airlines to describe your booking when you travel.

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