Tourism fellows return from Hawaii

It is always good to seeking advice and gathering the right ideas to improve the Tourism Industry of Samoa. Hawaii is the best place to learn such goal for Samoa. You are correct Samoa doesn’t need a huge tourism number.

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Pacific Games to impact on health services

Oh my Lord, I watched the Prime Minister interview on TV and this was exactly what he was talking about. “Use Your Common Sense”. Think out of the box! If you hadn’t received a programme as yet, then you should know exactly what to do.

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Govt. in control of airline finances

“Now that we’re a year old, we’re much smarter, we know how to manage our finances properly, with the resources we have we’ve managed to come this far, and we can say that we can do a lot more now,”Percell said.

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Aid expert downplays “debt trap” fears

I think the fear around Samoa-China debt has impacted negatively on the nations psyche and is misleading when Samoa has spent within her means. Tonga on the other hand who are proudly making waves in the NRL are struggling to keep on top of their debt repayments.

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Responding to questions about agritourism

Dear Editor, Re: Agritourism Development for Samoa I refer to news items, editorial and opinions reported in your Sunday 18/11/2018, Monday 19/11/2018 and today’s editions of your newspaper, and I wish to correct and clarify some of the misinformation and misreporting therein.

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Crunch the numbers, let’s see some business plans

Dear Editor, Re: Agritourism Park: A genius idea or another waste of money? Argo-tourism is a fantastic development and provides significant benefit to the participants and the country when it is done right.

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Pastors need training

Re: Partners in roundtable address violence Great initiative and a valuable forum. However, advocating for abolishing violence against women, implementing tougher laws, reinforcing moral teachings is one thing.

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It can be proven

Re: Stop using him as an excuse The other side of the coin that the church atrocities that happened to these hero's that ushered in the Era of enlightenment is factual and can be proven that it actually happened.

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Such a silly idea

Re: Agritourism Park plan As usual the government officials act on their own ideas without the consultation of those that should be involved and who should lead in areas like this. The role of the government in business type opportunities should always be to support the private sector, and to make policies and action that facilitate the success of such ventures (like agribusiness and agritourism).

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Compete and innovate

Re: Give priority to local businesses? How about you compete and innovate? Instead of complaining about competition? Comfortable and protected businesses become stale and arrogant and the Samoan consumer is the loser.

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Give priority to local businesses

Dear Editor, I read the recent articles about the Samoa Business Network mission to Samoa supported by the Government of Samoa. I managed to get along to the business day and hear from the speaker and companies from NZ, Australia and American Samoa.

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Stop using him as an excuse

Dear Editor, Please stop using the Savior and Redeemer of the world as excuse and blame for the actions of those who do not know better, do not know enough and/or have not found the real Truth about Him.

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Consider decriminalisation

Re: Man jailed for planting marijuana Justice Vui needs to consider the decriminalization of marijuana in other regions of the developed world, before coming to his conclusions as to the severity of this matter.

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Substantiate your claims

Re: Church values Really Wendy? Where do you come up with your ridiculous claims? I dare you to substantiate your claim that more people lave the LDS Church each year than join.

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Why you’re wrong

Re: Enlightening Samoa You’re wrong again about Christianity Wendy! Christian Faith has Great Good News for Life on Earth and Life Beyond Death. And it’s a Promise and Invitation for Everyone.

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Great move

Re: P.M. to launch Human Resource Institute About time too! There has long been a need for acknowledgement of the Human Resource function in Samoa. The institute has a big task ahead and I wish them well!

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Protecting the system

Re: Online transactions can be hacked U.S. system, no one can touch other’s computer because she/he has owned password to open and close it.

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A good move for Samoa

Re: Chequebook diplomacy Good editorial and a timely one with the Pacific Games around the corner. I will say this about the Games authority though. They have already committed to accommodate the athletes and officials in every hotel, motel in the country.

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It’s here to stay

Re: Bank aware of local investors Cryptocurrency is taking over... and Onecoin is going to be the number one crypto in the world. So watch your wording carefully, Onecoin is not a scheme, it’s genuine Business with real office and real people, and has already 3.4already million members worldwide.

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I just wanted to show the other side

Dear Editor, Just for the record, I didn’t dish out this information just to insult the “believers”. I did it to enlighten those that want to know the other side of the coin if you will.

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Climate change is real, show empathy and leadership

Forget what the climate change skeptics are saying—it is real and already affecting millions of lives on the planet—including the Pacific Islands. In America authorities put the death toll from the devastating fires in California last month at 85.

Street Talk

Aiatia Notoa, 20

Public welcome World AIDS Day

Samoa joined the international community last Saturday December 1 to mark the 2018 World AIDS Day with a parade, a float and speeches by dignitaries including Prime Minister Tuilaepa Dr. Sailele Malielegaoi. Our reporter Yolanda Lavata’i met members of the public to get their views on the deadly disease and what should be done.

Think a Minute

The Will to Win

Think a minute…A father was trying to get his little boy to drink a glass of milk, but the son kept refusing, so the battle of wills was on. The father then poured himself a glass of milk and challenged his son to a race to see who could drink their milk the fastest. When the son had finished drinking his entire glass of milk, he said: “Let’s race again!”


Spare a thought for the Samoan delegation at Poland Climate Talks

As we fast approach the end of 2018 and envelop ourselves in the spirit of the festive season on Christmas and New Year celebrations, we need to spare a thought or two for the Samoa delegation these two weeks in Katowice Poland in the collective pursuit by developing countries for a climate package of decisions that ‘leaves no climate related issues behind’.

Between the Lines


P.M. on Church leaders It seems Prime Minister Tuilaepa can’t leave members of clergy alone. During a radio programme last week, he had plenty to say about Church Ministers. For instance, he reminded them that Church Ministers were only taught on spiritual matters, not on Economics.

Sunday Reading

Myths and Legends of the Ancient World

The spears flew towards the youth on the hill, whistling as they cut through the air. Grinning, Queen Medb’s general drew his sword, eager to take back to his Queen the head of this warrior whom they called the Hound of Ulster. He had no doubt his spears would find their mark.

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