I hope our P.M. is feeling well

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Dear Editor

Re: P.M. Ardern’s gifts 

Every time I watch the video of the press conference between Ardern at Tuilaepa, I kept thinking, does P.M. Tuilaepa pay little regards to this young energetic Prime Minister of New Zealand?

Or was something wrong with our Prime Minister that day? 

He seemed to be avoiding eye contact with the young P.M. Ardern. 

But then I realized that he seemed to be moving on his one side and the other stayed still.

Was our Prime Minister having a hard time breathing? Perhaps he was in pain?

He wasn’t like his usual self? 

I hope our P.M. is feeling ok. Or maybe the job is taking a toll on his health and maybe it’s time to retire and rest?

Just thinking out loud after watching the video of the press conference.


Galufatio’o Tautuailevao

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