Never mind the world, how about our audits?

Dear Editor Re: P.M. Tuilaepa attacks media for reporting on rape, incest Samoa’s PM & Auditor General in Disgrace The PM’s failure to produce audits of government borrowing or spending for the past 17 years is disgraceful.

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Have i got your message?

Dear Editor Re: Looking in the mirror, Samoa! What are you saying? Samoans are liars, cheaters, thieves and one gas station is over charging people 10-15% more? Basically you’re saying dishonesty is one of those “underlying problems”?

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Samoa Land Corporation beneficiaries

Dear Editor Re: Once again dear Prime Minister Tuilaepa, with bated breath we are still waiting!

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Living respectfully

Dear Editor Re: Looking in the mirror, Samoa! No Michael, I did not say that, I am just fine with Samoans, otherwise I would not have married one, nor chosen to live here, however even blind freddie can see that there is an underlying problem with these minor offences in Samoa.

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Where are the Ministers of Health and Agriculture?

Dear Editor Talofa and Good morning I noticed a story in Wednesday’s paper about the Dengue crisis in Samoa written by Deidre Tautua-Fanene and thought it was urgent, so hence my writing to you.

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Who do we turn to?

Dear Editor Re: Truth matters in the death of Siliva Auali’itia I am sad and just so tired of reading articles that express the stupidity and the corruption in Samoa.

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How i see it

Dear Editor Re: Could it be time to create standard laws and powers across all villages? The villages can make what essentially amount to bylaws for the peace and harmony of their villages according to their customary practices. This includes traditional fines.

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A spade’s a spade

Dear Editor Re: McDonald’s donate $100,000 for Miss Samoa, secures naming rights If MacDonalds wants to help women why don’t they donate 100,000 to the victims services that help battered women? I suspect it’s because they can’t put their logo on the poor beaten women.

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Three streams of power

Dear Editor Re: Could it be time to create standard laws and powers across all villages? There are three streams of power operating in Samoa. The government system (palagi system) controls everything in Samoa and is an absolute failure.

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A note for the S.W.A.

Dear Editor, The front page of your issue of Tuesday 15/08/17 has an article under the heading: S.W.A. boss urges public to call in water problems The Samoa Water Authority relocated our water meter to outside our fence.

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I can now communicate clearly

Dear Editor, Through the Samoa Observer I wish to express my sincere gratitude to the BAY AUDIOLOGY team from Auckland, New Zealand for their humanitarian work of helping us in Samoa with hearing problems.

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Something has got to be done at Tafa’igata

Dear Editor, Re: The truth matters in the death of Siliva Thank you for raising the issue. As the loving people of this country we can no longer turn away from the purport heinous crime committed by those responsible at Tafaigata Jail.

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Visit the Culture Centre

Re: Keeping up with the Wendy of Samoa Thanks Lizzy and John. I’m glad I was able to entertain you some while in Samoa and glad you liked Samoa and will be back.

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Hypocrisy at its best

Re: Moata’a Village decision It’s funny. Samoans are a huge advocate of sending family overseas to work and take advantage of opportunities of other countries and economies.

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An interesting read

Re: Palemia’s memoir launched in Auckland The Palemia the Memoir is interesting. Boasting of stability yet a complete failure to acknowledge poor record of account keeping and government spending.

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An open letter from Guam to America

Dear America, I am glad that you are finally paying attention to what is happening in Guam. Many of you, as I am reading online, are asking for the first time, “What is Guam?” Every day growing up here, we have been told all about you.

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Could it be time to create standard laws and powers across all villages?

Dear Editor, Re: Moata’a Village stands by decision Where does Government start and village councils begin in terms of the rule of law? This is a very sensitive issue and has led to some very serious confrontations between government and village councils over time.

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God has nothing to do with this

Dear Editor, Re: Pray to avert a war The power at be, the secret societies or what ever you want to call them are the ones dictating the world affairs as it unravels at this critical times, and the world religions who are vying to fulfill their prophesies according to their books are calling for the end of the world and yet they are encouraging others to pray to avoid such a catastrophe.

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Customary land and consultations

Dear Editor, Re: Govt. accused in customary land fight Again we see that this terminology of “consultation” is problematic as opposed to a more definite term of “consent”.

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Great points Michael

Re: Looking at the mirror Samoa! You are great Michael. Thank you for including the poor unloved stray dogs of Samoa. That warms my heart.

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Another classic Samoa moment

People who live in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones. The old adage comes to mind when one stops to carefully observe the recent comments by the Prime Minister in relation to the work of the media – especially this newspaper.

Street Talk

Luna Gautolu, 16

Miss Samoa Pageants: Love them or hate them?

The Miss Samoa Pageant is billed as an event much more than simply a parade of physical attractiveness. There is a strong emphasis on confidence, culture, individual talent and general knowledge. Lizzy Hunt asked people to share their opinions about the pageant:

Think a Minute

A brother like that

Think a minute…This is a true story about a man named Paul whose brother gave him an early Christmas present. It was a brand new car! A few days later, Paul was leaving work to go home on Christmas Eve.


The foreword of Palemia; A Memoir*

Early in 2015, Dr Peter Swain paid me a courtesy visit at my office.

Between the Lines


NUMBERS PLEASE Is it our imagination or has there been a genuine upsurge in the number of tourists in Samoa? We say genuine, because we are not counting those who are our own ‘sons and daughters (and other aiga) for the return home’!

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