Unfair competition. Corruption at worst

Competition – whether its business or anything in life - is always good when it is fair and played by the rules. But when one competitor gets unfair advantage over another, the competition turns into a joke and the competitors – especially the one at the receiving end of the bad treatment – becomes cranky, loses hope and sometimes they might just walk away completely. 

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The ultimate focus should be to qualify for the World Cup

The equation is quite straight forward today. Manu Samoa must win. Failure is not an option. While they will still get another chance to qualify for the Rugby World Cup against Fiji, they must surely target Tonga as the more realistic option given their form of late.

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Prisoners, prisons and security

Not many people – if any at all – will disagree with Justice Lei’ataualesa Daryl Clarke’s frustrations expressed on the front page of your newspaper today about the Prison system. Anyone who cares about the safety of members of the general public will feel a huge sense of relief that someone of Justice Lei’ataualesa’s caliber has seen it fit to raise this matter.

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Farewell dear Allan Alo, you were indeed an inspiration!

Life is not fair. Good people, in fact great people, somehow always end up leaving us so soon. For some of us, it’s been a tough few months with the loss of lives of dear ones. Multiple losses too. Trust me, I know.

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That does sound desperate, doesn’t it?

The war of words between the lone Opposition voice in Parliament, Olo Fiti Vaai, and the Minister of Revenue, Tialavea Tionisio Hunt, over the state of the government’s financial affairs has been interesting to follow. Whether you and I agree or not, the issue being debated is important and we believe we should all take notice.

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It’s time for some accountability

Now that we’ve had a bit more time to absorb and accept the bitter disappointment of Manu Samoa’s loss to a considerably weakened Wales team at Apia Park last weekend, it’s time to demand some accountability from the Manu Samoa in terms of our recent results. Yes it’s disappointing that from two test matches; we’ve had no win.

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Come on Samoa, we’re better than that!

Technology, especially the internet, is a wonderful tool. We don’t need to tell you how important they are. Suffice to say, they have transformed the way we live, the dynamics in our communities and the behavior of the people upon which it has found an unbreakable bond – or bondage.

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Has Samoa developed a denial mentality that makes us accept certain things as normal?

It’s difficult to ignore some of the developments we see around us today. In Samoa, we see so many able-bodied men and women who are unemployed sitting around doing absolutely nothing. They congregate on street corners late at night and at all sorts of hours.

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Working together to fight transnational crimes

It was at the beginning of the year we were warned. It came from the Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Agafili Shem Leo, who cautioned that the rise of international crimes within the Pacific region means Samoa has become extremely vulnerable as the conduit of some of the criminal activities.

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The complicated truth about tonight’s Apia Park clash

The truth about tonight’s test match at Apia Park is quite difficult to comprehend. Manu Samoa might be playing at home infront of their passionate supporters which normally should translate to a hefty advantage. To an extent that will certainly be the case.

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The challenges of our time

We live in a great time. A time defined by amazing technology and super intelligent humans. Yes we have so many smart people with many brilliant ideas. There are experts in all sorts of different things – depending on what you’re after – there is always an expert to help you achieve it.

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A growing rot that needs to be dealt with urgently

It’s been tough reading the paper during the past few days. Some headlines have certainly grabbed the attention with the lingering question being, what is wrong with some of our people today? The first story was in the Sunday Samoan under the headline “Brother and sister investigated for incest.” Well the headline says it all, doesn’t it?

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Stop exploiting our children

Most of us would agree that Apia is a beautiful place. The wonderful thing about it is that it is slowly becoming the hub of international meetings, sporting events and all sorts of gatherings so that visitors to these shores will have lots of wonderful stories to tell when they return.

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Missing money and the S.L.C’s past

The Sunday Samoan’s front-page story titled “Govt. money missing” about the Police hunt for $50,000 that has mysteriously disappeared from the Samoa Land Corporation (S.L.C) is an interesting one. According to the Acting Police Assistant Commissioner, Sala’a Moananu Sale, was removed from the safe located inside the main office of the Corporation at Vaitele.

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Welcome home, Manu Samoa!

Let’s give a warm welcome home to our Manu Samoa today. In doing that, we applaud and acknowledge their effort against the All Blacks at Eden Park on Friday night. We thank God for his guidance and protection that no one was seriously injured and that despite the end result, the players and the management team have arrived safely on our shores.

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Beware of con artists

They are becoming more complicated by the day. With advancing technology, criminals continue to find new ways of fooling the gullible and innocent members of the public. And although Samoa is remote and isolated in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean; we are not immune. Far from it.

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A mighty tall mountain but it can be conquered

There are two likely scenarios for the Manu Samoa when they run out onto Eden Park tonight for their opening test match against the All Blacks. The first and the best scenario is that the All Blacks will already be thinking about the Lions Series (not that they have much to worry judging by the Lions poor performance so far) so that they will be distracted.

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Girls, women and mothers have a right to be protected from sex offenders

The launch of the Samoa Law Reform Commission’s Report on the Sex Offenders Register yesterday is a step in the right direction. And with Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi’s use of such strong language in relation to repeated sex offenders, it certainly sends the message that there is no place in this country for such people.

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N.P.O., Virgin outstanding and former M.P. Lefau

Perhaps former Member of Parliament, Lefau Harry Schuster, really did have a point. A few years ago when he was a member of the Tautua Samoa Party when Parliament actually had an official opposition party, Lefau said the government had been in power long enough.

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Corruption breeds poverty and hardship. They in return produce thieves

Theft and outright dishonesty are among some of the most prevalent problems in Samoa today. It is happening everywhere. You’ll find it in the government; churches, villages and families – the pillars of this country. There is widespread and ever growing penchant to steal anything and everything – the moment no one is looking.

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Letters to the Editor

Samoa’s current political predicament

Dear Editor, Re: Politics today Again the people have no choice but to put a majority of H.R.P.P in power that will never vote against the PM because of that pathetic election rule that allows 5 H.R.P.P people to run in one district.

Street Talk

Tina Vaipua

Should the P.M.’s term be limited?

Do you think there should be a limit on the number of terms for the Prime Minister? The question has surfaced following the government’s decision to change the Head of State after two terms in office. Deidre Fanene asked in today’s Street Talk and this is what people said:

Think a Minute

Let go

Think a minute…When 2 wolves fight over a place and territory, they end their fight in a very unusual way. The wolf that finally knows he can’t win, surrenders by rolling over on his back and sticking out his neck to the teeth of the other wolf.


Minister La’auli Leuatea Schmidt.

Such partnership is essential

Did the Minister of Agriculture just realize that it is “essential” for both to work together?

Between the Lines

Between The Lines

7 QUESTIONS THAT ARE KEEPING US AWAKE 1. So come July 26, the day after the current Tui Atua is no longer the Head of State, is he still His Highness? 2. After being addressed as His Highness for 10 years, what new honorific if any, will he be known by?

Sunday Reading

Myths and Legends of the Ancient World

“I am her mother,” the woman said, looking King Alf squarely in the eye as she spoke. “Surely you will not deny me the right to see my precious daughter.”

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